MAFS UKs Jenna hailed as ‘courageous’ after poignant alopecia discussion

Married at First Sight UK star Jenna Robinson has been widely praised by fans on social media after revealing her alopecia diagnosis to her new partner Zoe Clifton.

The 32 year old zero-waste shop owner, who hails from Blackpool opened up about her diagnosis of alopecia early on in Monday’s episode of the popular E4 dating show.

During a brief clip prior to meeting her would-be wife, Jenna revealed that she had suffered a car accident when she was 12 years old, with the traumatic experience leading her to lose her hair as a result.

This meant that since her early teens she had been wearing wigs daily – something that she hoped her new partner would be able to accept.

"When I was twelve years old, I got knocked down by a car and it triggered Alopecia," explained Jenna. My hair started to fall out and I had to wear wigs. That’s something I’ve had to live with my whole life since then.

"It definitely affected my dating life. That might be one of the reasons why I’ve never really fully put myself into a relationship. “

Worrying about it all day, the thought had clearly been on Jenna’s mind when she first met her bride Zoe, but it wasn’t until after the ceremony and reception had passed and the two were talking privately that Jenna nervously admitted her secret.

Taking a moment to compose herself as the two sat tucked beneath a plush faux fur blanket, she said: “I’ve got something to say, that I was kind of hoping would’ve been brought up in conversation… I’ve got Alopecia.

"So I wear a wig. I’ve suffered with it since I was, like, 12. I got knocked down by a car and the the trauma of it made my hair start falling out.”

“I think because it’s been so long, so many years of dealing with it, that I know myself and I know my hair doesn’t define me and I’m happy in my own skin.”

“I know someone that gets to know me, will get to know everything about me and that’s just one factor that doesn’t really matter, so…”

Jenna needn’t have worried however, as Zoe was completely unfazed by the admission, as she bluntly commented: "I don't give a s**t. I don’t care” before cheekily joking: “Ah, that’s obviously an issue for me, see you later!”

Fans at home were loving the exchange, with many praising the couple for their authenticity, while several thought Zoe’s reaction was priceless.

“Zoe is a sweetheart, seems so pure and kindhearted!” Gushed one fan.

Another agreed, adding: “Jenna and Zoe are so cute the way she said “I don’t give a s**t” was so reassuring.”

A third then commented: “All that worry Jenna had and Zoe doesn’t give a s**t. Go girls!”

While a fourth chimed in: “Zoe and Jenna just seem like such a good match, I really hope they work out.”

While things appeared to be going smoothly for Zoe and Jenna, things weren’t looking quite so promising for the other couple that tied the knot in the episode Kasia and Kwame.

After initially appearing to snub his bride with a fat phobic comment about her not being “petite”, Kwame appeared to dig himself deeper as he explained Kasia was only “70% of what he wanted” when he had first explained his preferences.

The savage snub, was then further exacerbated as he admitted he was looking for a “unicorn” implying Kasia was anything but unique.

Things didn’t fare much better when he received a grilling from the bride’s friends and family either, as when his mother-in-law asked him if he was excited for his honeymoon, he proceeded to talk about how much he needed a holiday, and not the woman he had just said “I do” to.


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