Mariah Carey’s brother joins sister in suing pop star for emotional distress caused by memoir

Mariah Carey is being sued by her older brother for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress a month after her sister filed suit.

In a lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court Wednesday, Morgan Carey accused his younger sister of making up lies about him in her memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” which came out in September 2020.

The lawsuit cites several “false and defamatory” passages from the book in which Mariah described Morgan as violent and manipulative. As a result, Morgan has suffered “serious damage to his reputation and to his personal and business affairs,” the complaint says.

The complaint adds that Morgan is not demanding any specific sum for damages and has filed the suit to legally determine the passages about him are false and defamatory and to “undo the damage” caused by them.

The suit also names Mariah’s co-author, Michaela Angela Davis; Macmillan Publishing Group; and Andy Cohen, whose imprint, Andy Cohen Books, was involved in publishing the memoir.

"The Meaning of Mariah Carey," by Mariah Carey. (Photo: Andy Cohen Books)

USA TODAY has reached out reps for Mariah, Davis, Cohen and Macmillan Publishing Group for comment.

The lawsuit references several passages from the book in which Morgan is depicted as violent and manipulative. In one of the passages, Mariah describes a “vicious fight” between Morgan and their father, Alfred Roy Carey, in which 12 police officers were needed to pull the two apart.

According to the complaint, this “clichéd and racially charged portrayal of two Black males engaged in a physical struggle never happened.” 

The suit adds: “Her attempt to falsely characterize plaintiff as equally violent as their father, and her subsequent commentary on police relations with Black people was only the beginning of defendant Mariah Carey’s desperate attempt to vilify plaintiff, play the victim card and curry favor with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

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Additionally, the suit says Morgan was never asked to verify any of the claims in the memoir nor was he invited to review the book prior to publication.

Morgan’s lawsuit comes a month after Mariah’s sister, Alison Carey, filed a suit of her own, demanding $1.25 million for emotional distress caused by the pop star’s memoir, specifically the chapter titled “Dandelion Tea.”

The lawsuit claims Mariah’s book made claims against Alison without any substantial evidence, including allegations she abused Mariah by throwing boiling water on her, giving her Valium and attempting to “pimp her out.”

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The lawsuit claims that despite knowing her sister is “damaged” and “broken” from past traumatic events, the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” artist used her status to attack her “penniless sister” to promote her memoir.

Mariah described her devastating childhood in “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” and said her family continued to torment her as an adult.

Mariah claimed Morgan proved a destructive force both in her childhood and adulthood. “When my brother was around, it was not uncommon for holes to be punched in walls or for other objects to go flying,” Mariah Carey writes.

Her mother even once called the police on her during an argument. “Even Mariah Carey couldn’t compete with a nameless white woman in distress,” the singer wrote.

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