Martin Lewis slams UK Government’s ‘failure’ as host says ‘Person at the top resign’

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Martin Lewis hit out on Twitter after Public Health England announced nearly 16,000 missed Covid-19 cases after a “technical glitch”. The ITV presenter slammed Boris Johnson’s Government for the “test and trace system’s huge reporting failure”.

Martin’s scathing comments come after a “glitch” has meant that the number of Covid-19 infections reported at the end of September was nearly 16,000 lower than the actual level.

It means the number of UK cases has now passed half a million and thousands of people were not contacted by the NHS track-and-trace.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, Martin wrote in view of his one million followers that he missed “old politics”.

He penned: “It will be interesting to hear the justification for the world beating test and trace system’s huge reporting failure.

“I miss old politics i.e. when there’s a dreadful mistake in a way that risks lives, the person at the top does the honourable thing, takes responsibility and resigns.”

Social media users have since flocked to comment on the post, with many querying Martin’s remarks.

One person said: “That was when risking life was either a mistake or incompetence. This is neither; hence no need to apologise, let alone resign.”

Martin replied: “Do explain how not reporting 10,000+ test results, not putting them into the track and trace system wasn’t a ‘mistake or incompetence’ I’m confused?”

Another person commented: “Whilst I agree that the Government has handled mess after mess rather appallingly, it isn’t Boris Johnson uploading the files is it.”

“You do have to feel slightly sorry for the people at the top in these situations. They literally have no idea how it works, they just want the data,” a third person remarked.

Martin later took to Twitter and addressed a social media user who slammed the presenter for being “too political”.

The person in question wrote: “Disappointed to hear Martin. I think it would be better for your messaging if you were less political.”


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The Money Show host replied: “I am always political. I will always be political. My whole work campaigning for consumers is political.

“What I try never to be though is party political. I am open minded to all parties, and work and co-operate with many whenever asked.”

Britain reported a surge in daily COVID-19 cases to a record 22,961 on Sunday after authorities admitted a technical issue had meant that over 15,000 test results had not been transferred into computer systems on time, including for contact tracers.

The technical problem, which was later identified and resolved, had led to 15,841 cases not being uploaded into reporting dashboards used by the NHS contact-tracing system.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was unable to clarify how many Britons have gone untraced.

He said: “What happened here was that some of the data got truncated and it was lost.

“But what they have done now is not only contacted all the people who were identified as having the disease – that was done in the first place – but they are now working through all the contacts as well.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock addressed the blunder in the House of Commons saying: “I want to reassure the House that outbreak control in care homes, schools and hospitals has not been directly affected because dealing with outbreaks in these settings does not primarily rely on this PHE system.”

He told MPs an investigation is currently underway and added it was an “ongoing incident”.


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