Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex Makeup Artist Akil McCoy Throwing Shades at Jonathan Wright

Upon seeing Akil’s post, people were not impressed with one user going as far as calling him ‘obsessed’ with Jonathan, who also used to do Megan’s hair, because he does better than him.

AceShowbizMegan Thee Stallion‘s former makeup artist Akil McCoy is beefing with hair stylist Jonathan Wright, who also used to do Megan’s hair. In a recent Instagram post, Akil blasted Jonathan and his skills amid the controversy surrounding Jonathan and YouTuber Jeffree Star.

“We all know Tae is better than Johnathan! Period. He don’t blend well and his lace is horrible, the application and texture,” so Akil wrote on Thursday, July 23, referring to hairstylist Dionte Gray a.k.a. Tae. “Jonathan is a user and opportunist at best. End of Discussion.”

He doubled down on his statement in another post in which he denied being jealous of Jonathan. “You people on the NET so funny. If you think I’m a hater or jealous. You definitely don’t know s**t. I got to know Johnathan for 8 months. I know exactly who he is, And what he has done. This public opinion on a public platform.”

Upon seeing his post, people were not impressed. One went as far as calling him “obsessed” with Jonathan because he did better than him. Someone else thought that “this is the definition of pointless beef.”

Another user, on the other hand, said that “now is not the time” for any beef considering that Megan had just involved in a shooting incident and injured his foot. “Meg in the hospital and they arguing about wigs,” one noted.

This arrives after Jonathan faced backlash for working with YouTube personality Jeffree, who was previously accused of being racist. “Why u working with this man,” someone sarcastically asked, while a couple of people said that they would unfollow Jonathan because of this.

“You really have no morals or standards…..all money ain’t good money,” one other commented. Another individual criticized him, “really?! he doesn’t like black ppl & is racist. the fact that you’re working w/ him has me side-eying you.”

However, the backlash didn’t make Jonathan think that he made a bad decision. Instead, he hit back at the critics by saying, “Listen here 1 thing about JONATHAN is I’m a real life Go getter I’m out here Hustling and Growing and I came from none so I be Damn if I pass up 20,000$ to feed my Family because mfs feel they to good or because how someone else feel I rather experience myself!”

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