Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Starting a Podcast

The incredibly oversaturated world of podcasting just got even more crowded.On Tuesday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their partnership with Spotify, which will host their Archewell Audio podcast. 

In an adorable special clip, the Sussexes shared the news (or, well, Harry did — at Meghan’s urging: “Say it. I think it sounds really nice with your accent”). The couple voiced their plan to “bring forward different perspectives and voices” in their new podcast, which launches later this month with a holiday special. 

“We’re talking to some amazing people,” Markle said. “They’re going to share their memories that have really helped shape this past year, which has been, as we know, a difficult one for everyone.”

Despite the immense hardships this year has presented, Harry added that “It feels worth acknowledging that 2020 has connected us in ways we could have never imagined, through endless acts of compassion and kindness.”

I guess I just became someone who listens to podcasts.

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