Meghan Markle looks unrecognizable in isolation

Our girl, Meghan Markle, is no stranger to the glamorous life, especially since she married Prince Harry. Point in case, in Meghan’s first year of married life, she spent a total of £732,724.62 on clothing, which comes to over $900,000 U.S., according to the Daily Mail. In fact, the clothing she wore for her 16-day Pacific tour with Prince Harry in 2018 came to just shy of $150,000 U.S., per the outlet.

The world can’t help but notice what the Duchess of Sussex wears and Meghan’s clothing clout is so powerful that Vanity Fair dubbed it the “Meghan Markle effect,” noting that clothing completely sells out when audiences see the garb on the duchess.

This effect hasn’t slowed down, even with Harry and Meghan stepping down from their royal duties. However, what has changed is the level of unreachable glam and it appears that Meghan is opting for more casual comforts now that she’s no longer under the thumb of Buckingham Palace. So in a recent video with a charity, Meghan shocked fans by her casual appearance, so different from the regal luxury of a few years ago.

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On a video call on April 29, 2020, Meghan Markle spoke with the charity, Smart Works, which she has been a patron of since January 2019, according to Yahoo. The charity focuses on helping unemployed women find jobs and Meghan showed up to lend support, even during isolation.

The video was shared on Instagram and the duchess looked relaxed and comfortable in a burgundy, V-neck cashmere sweater by the British company, Joseph, according to Yahoo. Proving the Meghan Markle effect still exists, the sweater is sold out in burgundy but is still for sale at Selfridges in black. Meghan has actually worn this sweater before, according to The Stir, when she donned it with a burgundy skirt in October 2019 at the One Young World discussion, rocking a monochromatic look.

On the video call, Meghan also wore a necklace that has a lot of significance. According to Yahoo, Meghan wore a Visionary Charm Necklace from the company Edge of Ember that features a blue topaz evil eye which is meant to protect its wearer from negative vibes.

Meghan clearly loves this brand because in March 2020 on International Women’s Day, she wore their Kismet Charm necklace, which brings good fortune through a four-leaf clover charm and the number seven, per Yahoo.

If we’re going to be honest, Meghan still looks totally amazing during isolation, but it’s cool seeing the duchess in a more casual, homey look.

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