Michael Strahan's Driving Huge Business to Dentist Who 'Fixed' Gap Tooth

Michael Strahan may have been joking about “fixing” his iconic gap tooth, but now lots of folks who actually want the real procedure are flocking to Strahan’s doc.

Dr. Lee Gause, Strahan’s dentist, tells TMZ … he’s been flooded with calls from people from all over the country who don’t care if it was an April Fools’ prank … they feel Dr. Gause made Michael look way better, and they want of piece of that action. In all, more than 100 dentally-challenged people have called.

He says some prospective patients have already booked their flights to get the procedure done at his Smile Design Manhattan clinic in NYC.

The cost ain’t cheap — between $5k and $50k … depending on how wonky the chompers. Now, it’s possible people want something temporary like Mike … the wax used to stage the joke — a Prenew Preview — runs a very reasonable $350.

Now, Dr. Gause says Strahan’s a real patient of his, but if he asked to permanently fill the gap, he wouldn’t do it because it’s his signature trademark. Hmm … we will take him at his word.

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