Minnie Driver relieved she avoided drug addiction or having 5 husbands after career woes

The One Show: Minnie Driver shares Beyonce anecdote

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Minnie Driver, 52, has looked back on her move to Hollywood and her beginnings as an actress during a conversation on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast. The Circle of Friends actress admitted she was relieved she did not end up “addicted to drugs or having five husbands” during her years in the cinema industry.

Minnie, who has been promoting her new book, Managing Expectations, explained how the excitement of reinventing herself in the US soon faded as she “left myself behind”.

The Good Will Hunting star explained: “A whole different person was presented that I could be, and all of the insecurities and all of the stuff I felt I had failed at so far in my young life I could leave behind.

“And I could be this new person who this new country had conceived of and gave birth to.

“So, it is weird, like, I definitely left myself behind on a lot of levels, and I paid for that. I definitely paid for that.”

Minnie continued: “That was a bar tab I ran that would eventually have gotten paid, and I was lucky to, I think, come out the other side of it – not addicted to drugs or having five husbands, or tons of plastic surgery.

“Like, I actually feel like I survived giving up myself, being terrible, remembering it and coming out the other end of the tunnel.”

When asked how she thought she had “paid that bar tab,” Minnie revealed: “When you are living in that place of exaltation and every film you do people love, and people love you, and your phone doesn’t stop ringing, and you’re working all the time, there’s an association of yourself as a human being with that success.

“But it’s a trick, it’s sleight of hand. It’s what Hollywood does, which is making you believe that that ephemeral thing is solid and real, when in actual fact it’s a manteau that is really wonderful to put on, but then you very consciously need to take it off and connect back with who you actually are.

“And I just didn’t do that. I just wanted to be that thing that was loved and exalted because it felt so wonderful to not have to deal with all my insecurities and who I actually was.

“But all careers have ebbs and flows and when the work stops coming as quickly as it had before, you’re faced with yourself, who’s basically been shut in a room for however many years I put her away. And you have to deal with that.”

Minnie recently opened up on her devastation after finding out Andrew Lloyd Webber had not chosen her to perform the Phantom of the Opera songs at the Academy Awards – despite starring in one of his films.

Speaking to Jermaine Jenas and Alex Jones on The One Show last month, Minnie recounted the moment she found out Beyonce would be singing instead of her.

She said: “[…] so I did this film, Phantom of the Opera, you showed a picture of that at the beginning… 

“I didn’t actually sing in the film because she [the character] is a high soprano. 

“I sing, my whole life, but I am not a high soprano. So there was a beautiful opera singer and I lip-synced. 

“But Andrew Lloyd Webber knew I was a singer and he wrote this song for the end of the movie and he asked me to sing it,” Minnie explained.

The actress went on: “So I sang it, it’s called Learn to Be Lonely, and it was nominated for an Oscar, which is obviously really exciting. 

“So I’m in rehearsals for the song, this huge opportunity and I get a call one day and it’s the producer going, ‘Yeah, you know, you’re not singing the song anymore.’”

Sharing her surprised reaction, Minnie said: “And I was like, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘No.’ And I was like, ‘What? Why? Who’s singing it?’ 

“And he was like, ‘Beyonce. Beyonce’s singing all the songs – all the lady songs,’ is exactly what he said.”

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