NBA's Gordon Hayward Expecting Baby #4, Finally Gets a Boy!


The Boston Celtics star is expecting his 4th kid with wife Robyn — and after that lackluster gender reveal moment back in 2018 … ya gotta feel stoked for the guy!

Remember, back in July 2018, Robyn revealed to Gordon that she was pregnant with a little girl … making it 3 girls to 0 boys.

Gordon’s reaction was priceless … a look of disappointment — followed by that infamous line, “Daddy’s always happy.”

Of course, Hayward is happy to be a #GirlDad, but now he’s got ANOTHER kid on the way — and this one is a male. In other words, Gordon got his wish!

Robyn and Gordon, who are very self-aware, made a joke about the gender reveal … posting, “Baby G coming in September *** yes, it’s a boy.”

So, congrats to the whole Hayward family … and to the fetus — no pressure kid!

FYI, Gordon was a 1st round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft and is currently in the middle of a massive 4-year, $127 million contract!

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