Neil Young Announces Support For Bernie Sanders

Rock icon Neil Young has recently come out in support of Senator Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Young has long been candid about his views on matters as such as climate change, alternative fuels, and LGBTQ+ rights.

“The thing about Bernie for me is, he’s consistent,” Young wrote in a lengthy post on his official website. He went on to add that “every point he makes is what I believe in. Every one.”

The Canadian-born singer, who recently became a naturalized American citizen, also wrote that as new citizen, he was “excited to register to vote.”

“Outside the courthouse after I was naturalized, (funny word for it) there was a Democrat Party Registration booth,” Young wrote. “My first error as a U.S. citizen will be corrected now.”

The “error,” he explained, was registering with the Dems, which he has reversed by re-registering as an independent.

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