‘No pressure’ Matt Baker on uncertain future of farm as he says kids may rather be on TV

Matt Baker runs into trouble after parking his caravan

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Matt Baker, 44, has explained that he is never happier than when he is on the family farm. However, the Countryfile star admitted that there is uncertainty as to who will continue to run the farm in the future.

The former One Show host explained in February why he quit his presenting gig.

Matt said that he much preferred living and working in nature.

He decided, as a result, to move his family – wife Nicola and children Luke and Molly – back to the Durham Dales on their family farm.

Matt said that while he would love for his kids to be working the farm, there is “no pressure”. 

Despite that, he said he truly believes the farm will be in his lineage for a very long time.

The TV star then went on to say that it is possible his children may wish to be on TV rather than run a farm, which is okay with him.

“I think the farm will remain in the family for a very long time and I want it to be in the best possible shape for whoever takes it over,” he said. 

“That may be our children, but there’s no pressure.

“Maybe they’d rather be on TV.

“I’ll support them no matter what,” Matt added to The Times. 

Of his exit from The One Show, he explained last year: “When you get to a certain point in your life you start reflecting.

“I’d had that period in my life when I was so busy with The One Show – which was fantastic – but then you suddenly realise what makes you.


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“The countryside has made me who I am.”

He added jokingly: “There’s only ever been six months in my life when I haven’t had a flock of sheep.”

The presenter added to The Yorkshire Post that the countryside is what is “really important” to him. 

He also spoke about how the countryside has always been home, even when in London working on The One Show.

The farmer said he was never really one for London’s club scene.

Matt said he prefers to have fun by watching films like Back to the Future and playing board games with his family.

He concluded by saying he’s never happier than when on the farm.

The presenter added that it is “like a magnet”.

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