OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Cries for Help in Body Cam Footage 2 Days Before Killing

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney freaked out in her Miami apartment building and claimed her boyfriend attempted to attack her 2 days before she allegedly butchered him, this according to newly released police body cam footage.

The dramatic videos were filmed April 1, 2022, after police responded to the swanky condo … to investigate a domestic squabble between Courtney and Christian Obumseli. Courtney was charged with Christian’s murder after they got into another blowout fight two days later.

In the body cam footage, Courtney is seen with the police and a building employee, who explains Christian charged at Clenney in the lobby and staff had to step in to prevent him from hurting her.

Courtney frantically tells the cops she broke up with Christian, but he wouldn’t leave her apartment. At one point, she becomes very upset and asks for a restraining order against him.

But, police tell Courtney they can’t do anything — not even kick Christian out of her apartment — unless she gets the stay away order through the court. That’s when Courtney breaks down in tears, insisting she’s the victim and scared to even walk her dog. Cops then search the building and Courtney’s apartment, but they can’t find Christian anywhere.

As we reported, Courtney fled to Hawaii after Christian’s slaying, but was arrested there in August and extradited back to Miami to stand trial for second-degree murder. Courtney claimed self-defense, pointing to Christian alleged history of abusing her. Christian’s family accused Courtney of being the aggressor and trying to rewrite history.

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