Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen force to be reckoned with, claims Channel 5 co-star

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda and Clive find out they’ve been burgled

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Amanda Owen has taken over the hearts of the country following the astronomical success of Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm. Now, it appears that she has blown away her Summer On The Farm co-star, Helen Skelton.

Well she’s an inspirational woman, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Helen Skelton

Former Blue Peter presenter Helen, 37, recently fronted the hit Channel 5 programme, alongside Jules Hudson from Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley, South Yorks.

Helen has openly praised her friend, Amanda, 46, who documents her life with her nine children and thousands of animals in Our Yorkshire Farm.

Amanda has appeared alongside Helen in On The Farm in the past, offering her words of wisdom to the mum of two.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Helen has shared her true thoughts on her friend.

Speaking about Amanda’s popularity, Helen said: “Well she’s an inspirational woman, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m not surprised that so many people love her series because I think she probably does what lots of people want to do.”

Helen continued: “She has her kids about cooking and budgeting and rural life and looking after animals and husbandry and with all of that comes empathy and life skills.

“I’m really thrilled that so many people are behind that show, because it’s not an easy way of life but it’s an enviable way of life. She makes it work.”

Helen, who resides with her husband, Leeds Rhinos rugby ace, Richie Myler, and their two children Ernie, six, and Louis, four, in Leeds, admits that after growing up on a farm in rural Cumbria, it’s something she often considers returning to.

She explained: “Every six months I say to my husband, ‘Let’s do something different and go and farm,’ and then my parents are like, ’It’s a hard way to make a living’ and it is, [but] it’s a really fantastic lifestyle.

“When you have seen it like I have and you’ve grown up in a climate of all the things like foot and mouth and BSE and all the rest of it, I know that I’m very lucky to do a job that I like so I’ll hang on to it for as long as I can.

“Hopefully my dad will stay living on the farm as long as he can so I still get that as my second home, my family home. I’m very lucky that my parents live where I grew up so I go and visit my parents all the time.”

Helen, who is currently a judge for National Grid’s Voices for a Green future competition, admitted that she was left blown away after seeing viewing figures come in for her programmes including On The Farm and Countryfile.

She revealed: “We get millions of viewers on On The Farm – it always surprises me when people are as glued to the countryside.

“I sort of grew up on a farm in rural Cumbria and that was my life and I loved it. I’m passionate about it, but I don’t think I ever really expected people in central Manchester or central Liverpool to be as interested in rural affairs as they are.”

The small screen star added: “It just goes to show, it’s a credit to how many people in this country love our countryside.

“I think that it’s actually a credit to us as a nation, I’ve been really lucky I’ve lived abroad and I’ve done a lot of travelling and I feel very, very grateful for that but the thing that brings everybody back to the UK is what we have on our doorsteps, you know this green and glorious land and I think shows like Countryfile and On The Farm celebrate that, so I’m always humbled and flattered.”

Helen is a judge for National Grid’s Voices for a Green Future competition, offering young people a voice on climate change. 

Children aged 7 – 15 who are in school years 3 to 10 can enter the competition by sharing how they would look after the planet if they were in charge. Four lucky winners will have their ideas broadcast at COP26 in front of world leaders this November.

To enter, visit www.nationalgrid.com/voicesforagreenfuture.

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