Paul Wesley Confused Madison Beer With a Drink in an Instagram Q&A and I'm Literally Not Okay

Please join me while I run through my group chats screaming in all-caps, because Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley hopped on Instagram and confused very famous person Madison Beer with a beer brand he’d “never heard of” during a Q&A. And speaking of Qs&As: Will I ever recover from this moment? Probably not.

According to Just Jared, a fan asked poor, confused Paul “do u like madison beer,” and he responded “Never had that beer. But, uh, I like beer. I like most beer, although lately I haven’t been drinking as much beer because I’m trying to cut it out. You know?”

But wait, there’s more of this wholesome sweetness where that came from. Apparently, when asked by another fan if he believes in “Larry” (aka Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson), Paul mused, “What in the God damn hell are you talking about? I believe in Larry David. Do you guys watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? It’s my favorite show on television and I think it’s absolutely hysterical.”

Say it with me: I believe in Larry David.

I’ve never loved someone more than I love Paul Wesley in this moment. Thank God this Q&A has been preserved for all eternity on TikTok:

IM CRYIN #paulwesley #tvd #stefan #madisonbeer #fyp #foryou #thevampirediaries #stefansalvatore #beer #fypシ

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