Peter Andre calls out Caprice and labels her ‘foolish’ for claiming she knows as much as doctors about coronavirus

We’re living in such scary and unpredictable times, and I fear that we haven’t yet grasped the severity of our situation and the impact that the coronavirus pandemic will have on our ageing population.

On top of that, millions of people have had work cancelled or postponed, and I worry about small business owners, the self-employed and all those who are worrying about how they’re going to pay their mortgages and rent right now.

I’ve got an elderly mother and father living in Australia, who I now won’t be able to see until this is all over – all I can do is hope they’re going to be OK. Mine and my family’s thoughts are with you all.

In my opinion, there’s only one news topic to discuss – the coronavirus. Emily’s right on the frontline. She tells me the atmosphere inside the hospital has been intense, but equally tells me that she, and the other staff, are being very well supported.

Of course, as her husband, I worry about her exposure to the virus, but I’m so proud of her for helping others.

The Government announced the closure of schools in England and Wales, saying exams won’t go ahead in this academic year. As a parent, I feel conflicted. I feel better knowing they’re not in an environment where they could contract the virus – but then, officials are saying children aren’t vulnerable.

While I hope it stays that way, what impact will not being at school have on them long term? Especially for children around Junior and Bista’s ages. I’m lucky enough that I can work from home, but what about those parents who can’t?

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I didn’t see Caprice Bourret’s appearance on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine programme last week, but I heard that she was slammed by viewers for arguing with a qualified doctor about how to contain the coronavirus.

She apparently claimed that she knew just as much as the health experts because she’d read reports online.

If Caprice was intentionally trying to undermine the doctor, then she’s absolutely foolish, because it’s the medical professionals who are being told first hand what is going on. I know who I’d listen to!

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Stacey Dooley has admitted that she’s been too busy to pop to Buckingham Palace to collect her MBE. She was awarded the gong in 2018 for services to broadcasting, but admitted last week that she was busy working at the time and never rearranged fetching it. Maybe we should start calling her Stacey Doo-little!

What can I say, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, haha! If I was lucky enough to be given an MBE by Her Majesty, I’d probably make a special trip to collect it. Who wouldn’t?!

Corrie actor Jack P Shepherd has revealed that he’s been hiding a secret hobby – he’s a champion dominoes player who has won six titles over the past decade. Well, that’s funny, because I’m a champion Domino’s eater!

On a serious note, though, I’m secretly a pretty damn good backgammon player. It’s in our Greek culture and, growing up, my brothers and I used to play a lot with our dad.

My dad and I actually had a few games when I was out in Oz recently, and he still beats me.

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