Porsha Williams Shares 1st Romantic Photo In 2 Months Of Her & Dennis After His Cheating Drama

All appears to be good between Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley in her latest Instagram pic months after his cheating drama was exposed.

Cozy up next to me please! Porsha Williams, 38, looked as happy as can be next to her man Dennis McKinley, 43, during a double date on Friday, March 6. The twosome went out with their Real Housewives of Atlanta costar Tanya Sam, 41, and her fiance Paul Judge where they all dressed up for their big evening out. Porsha looked absolutely stunning in a long-sleeved black top, leather pants and boots with her handsome beau smiling in the background of the photo she posted. They were the epitome of PDA as he wrapped his arm around her while the group posed for the stunning pic. Dennis & Porsha had a much more adorable moment happen one day later when they relaxed on a Saturday night and ate some delicious food with their 1-year-old daughter Pilar Jhena.

Porsha hasn’t posted any PDA-filled photos on her Instagram with Dennis in over two months. She’s shared some cute memories with him and Pilar since then, like when the father/daughter duo had fun during their swimming lessons, but none of the other snaps had anything to do with them looking all lovey dovey with one another after his cheating drama came to light. The last time she uploaded anything romantic with him was when they cuddled up during their Jamaican vacation on January 7.

The relationship between Porsha and Dennis has had some major highs and lows especially with him admitting to cheating on her while she was pregnant with their daughter. They broke up because of it but she confirmed that they were “re-engaged” on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in December 2019.

Doubles … lol still on my trini ish. Happy Birthday Paul “All black everything NWH!✊?”

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“Porsha and Dennis are keeping their relationship and the ins and outs of it a little more private now that they’ve reconciled but they seem to be doing well,” a HollywoodLife insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY “They just don’t want people prying too much. It’s taken a lot of communication, but she’s really working on trusting him again. It’s been shown a lot on the show, but they’ve been in therapy. Her family had more trouble forgiving him than she did, but they love and support Porsha and want her to be happy.”

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