Prince William & Harry are splitting the remaining money from the Diana fund

Prince William and Harry’s separation has been a slow-going process but it’s still happening. There will be little common ground or few joint-projects left when all is said and done. I actually forgot that William and Harry were part of Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and that there was still money in the fund left to be distributed. There was money left in the fund, and William and Harry’s brotherly divorce has meant that they’re just splitting the money down the middle:

Prince William and Prince Harry have taken another step in the ongoing breakup of their official business. The proceeds of the fund set up in the memory of their late mother Princess Diana will now be split between the brothers’ charitable efforts. Since 2013, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, which was originally set up in the wake of her 1997 death, has been paid into the Royal Foundation.

The Diana fund has not been actively fundraising for many years but receives money from legacies and other donations. Last year, the Royal Foundation received around $27,000 from the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, according to its annual report. Harry doesn’t have a charitable entity in the U.K. any longer since the disbanding of Sussex Royal, which had been planned as his and Meghan’s future philanthropic vehicle. The couple gave that up when they stepped back from their official royal roles earlier this year. They are now making plans for their new organization, Archewell.

Harry has asked his share from the year to go towards his HIV/AIDS charity Sentebale. That is a fitting place for the money as the organization, which he set up with his friend Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, Africa was inspired by his mother’s work in combating AIDS.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund was originally set up to receive the vast number of public donations and money-raising from projects like sales of Elton John’s commemorative version of his song “Candle in the Wind,” which he performed at Diana’s September 1997 funeral.

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“Last year, the Royal Foundation received around $27,000 from the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, according to its annual report…” Good God, the Royal Foundation is so shady. William and Kate’s foundation is such a scam! They raise all of this money, they “take” money from Diana’s memorial fund, and yet the charities supported by the Royal Foundation languish unaided and unfinanced. Anyway, I’m glad that Harry won’t have to deal with William’s financial schemes and scams any longer. But it is sad to think that the brothers can’t even bury the hatchet about something to do with their mother. (Still, that’s on William.)

Meanwhile, do you remember the frenzy in the days and weeks after Harry and Meghan announced their Sussexit? There were curious stories about William being “incandescent with rage” about… everything, and then there was this even more curious story about William telling people that “I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives, I can’t do that anymore.” It was William’s way of lamenting the fact that Harry married a biracial American woman and now Harry and Meghan weren’t down with the “everybody under the bus for King William” program. The way those quotes were picked up at the time, I knew that Willileaks had put it out there and that he was practically issuing a formal statement. Turns out, William actually said that to a Times reporter, and that Times reporter was the unnamed source (a “friend”) for a Times piece:

The football match was in October 2019. Well documented in the press.

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