Prince William & Kate are raising money for their Royal Foundation during the crisis

Prince William helped launch the National Emergencies Trust last year, but he didn’t become royal patron of the NET until a few days ago. The idea behind NET is that it’s a safety net, a go-to fund for future or current emergencies, so that money is already there to be immediately dispersed as a tragedy or catastrophe unfolds. I have no shade for the NET, and I think it’s a good issue for William. He even made an Instagram video about the NET (with curious timing, but whatever). But here’s a bad idea: William and Kate using the coronavirus lockdown to embiggen and enrich their own Royal Foundation, using the NET as some kind of cover. Which is what this kind of sounds like?

The National Emergencies Trust said that £12.5 million had been distributed since the emergency appeal was launched with William’s help last month. Today, Wednesday 15 April, Sebastian Shakespeare of the Daily Mail has revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have teamed up with a string of wealthy benefactors to help charities who are supporting those leading the fight against the coronavirus.

Shakespeare reports that William and Kate have been approached in recent weeks by a series of donors, who have offered funds to the pair’s Royal Foundation, which will hand out grants to the most worthy causes. A source tells Shakespeare: ‘Under William and Kate’s direction, the foundation has spent the past two weeks speaking to charities and groups who support emergency service workers. They’re working with a number of donors who have offered support. William and Kate are keen to ensure it goes to the services who really need it most.’

It is thought that Cavell Nurses’ Trust and The Care Workers’ Charity are among the groups to which the Royal Foundation will be offering support. It is hoped that grants will be awarded to some charities imminently, in order to allow them to roll out extra services. The source added: ‘Kate and William both realise help is needed quickly for many of these organisations’.

[From Tatler]

A few things. One, why are wealthy donors contacted William and Kate and not the other way around? Why are wealthy donors begging Will & Kate to take their charitable donations? Why is it that Will & Kate aren’t calling all of their contacts (heh) to direct funds and plead for wealthy people to give, to donate, especially to the NET? Two, if wealthy people are contacting Will & Kate, surely the best thing to do in an immediate, time-sensitive crisis would be for the Royal Foundation to simply tell those wealthy donors to give directly to specific charities? Why does the money have to be funneled through the Royal Foundation? Just to make Will & Kate look busy and embiggened? Three, what ever happened to Kate’s Struggle Survey? I guess we’re not supposed to wonder about that, even though the branding on that was that Kate was “credible” and it wasn’t just some dumb “vanity exercise” and that the survey would help direct Kate’s future work. I guess that’s over. She’s already on to the next thing: being keen about funneling donations to the Royal Foundation.

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