Queens granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor earning minimum wage at garden centre’

The Queen’ s granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor has surprised royal fans as she is said to have taken up a part-time job ahead of her A-level results on Thursday August 18.

The 18 year old is believed to have worked at a local garden centre for just £6.83 an hour, with shoppers praising the young royal for being “polite and attentive” in her new role.

Lady Louise, who lives with her parents in a sprawling £30million mansion in Bagshot Surrey, took on the role as she anxiously awaited her A-level results to see if she had earned a place at St.Andrew’s University to study English.

During her summer as a part-time worker, Lady Louise took on a variety of tasks at the centre, ranging from till work, greeting and assisting customers and even pruning and potting plants.

The down to earth royal quickly charmed fans with her hard graft and cheerful personality, with one customer even describing her shock at seeing a granddaughter of the Queen at work.

They said: "I couldn’t believe it was Lady Louise — I had to look twice.

"She is a really modest and sweet young woman who is polite and attentive to customers. She seemed to be loving the job.

“You’d never imagine the Queen’s granddaughter would take on a role working behind a till."

Another customer said staff appeared to "adore" her being at the centre, reports The Sun.

Ingrid Stewart, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, also praised Lady Louise for her decision to enter the world of part time work.

She said: “Isn’t it wonderful the Queen’s granddaughter rolled her sleeves up and got her hands dirty with a summer job before going to university — just like any other normal teenager.”

Although her exact results have not been made public, a Palace spokesman confirmed on Thursday that Lady Louise had achieved high enough grades to secure her place at the prestigious university of her choice.

A Palace spokesman said: “Having received her A-level results today, Lady Louise will start at St Andrews University in September to study English.”

The news will no doubt please proud mum Sophie who previously talked openly about her daughter's education and how she hoped she would follow in her footsteps and attend university – but added that she wasn't putting any pressure on her to go.

She said: "I wouldn’t force her, but if she wants to. She’s quite clever.”

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In an interview last year, the countess opened up more about her relationship with her daughter, as she revealed that she and her husband Prince Edward are “protective” of her, though she understands that their child must be free to “live life” how she wants.

Sophie told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I would hope that she can go on with her studies, which I think she probably will want to do, and I hope that she and her friends will protect her from anything that somebody might want to do.

“But I have to let her live her life. It's not mine to live. I can only equip her the best that I can, and then she has to make her own choices.

“But I hope for the next few years, at least, she will still be able to be as private as she wants to be.”


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