Rose McGowan explains why she 'never' truly liked working in Hollywood

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Actress and activist Rose McGowan penned a lengthy note on Instagram in which she explains why she never truly liked working in show business.

McGowan has been speaking out about her negative experience in Hollywood since the exposure of now-disgraced movie mogul and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. She previously accused Weinstein of rape and has since become a vocal critic of the industry.

The actress shared a picture of herself during what appears to be the height of her acting career, which she previously said she took a step back from after several negative experiences, some of which she details in her recent post.

“I get asked a lot if I ever liked working in Hollywood. My answer is no. I never did. It was a means to my end. My goals. My Hollywood was a job filled with mostly sociopathic predators shooting damaged fish in a barrel,” she began. “We, the beautiful ones, we were the fish. We were their targets. The truth of it is that the beautiful ones are looked at as the weak gazelles in the herd, the ones that limp under the attention they receive. It was too much for me.”

Rose McGowan shared a story about her time in Hollywood.

The actress said she was “made fun of, shunned, looked down upon, considered dirty” and noted that Weinstein, who she refers to only as “King Predator” and “a total piece of sh–” instructed people to do so. Weinstein has been accused by many women of threatening their career trajectory if they rebuffed his sexual advances.

McGowan went on to tell a story critical of her former manager, who she does mention by name, that helped push her to make the decision to leave show business and find a new path for herself.

“Once by (in my opinion) my dead souled agent, Leslie Siebert, at the creepy agency Gersh- Good old Leslie told me not to speak so much in meetings, that I was intimidating the men in the audition room with my vocabulary,” she wrote. “I was destroyed by that comment.”

Representatives for the Gersh Agency did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

McGowan continued: “It was late in my ‘career’ and I was stunned. Imagine how tired I was? Years of that directly to my face. But it was so demoralizing. I went into my car and cried and tried to figure out a way out of my life.”

Actress Rose McGowan penned a lengthy note about why she didn’t like being in show business.
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She ended her lengthy thoughts on Hollywood by thanking the people she was previously lambasting for making her upset enough to make a change in her life before laying a larger allegation at the industry's feet.

“So, in hindsight, @lesliesiebert and #Gersh go f— yourselves,” she wrote. “You did me a favor. You helped get me mad enough to crack the glass ceiling of thought. I hope now you take your clients seriously. They are smarter than you. How you treat them is how they are treated is how the world is treated. Stop it.”


She concluded: “Honestly, I think agents in Hollywood are low-key human traffickers. Anyone who makes money in a negotiation of how long my right breast can be on the screen and PROFITS from it?! Sanctioned pimping if you ask me. Listen to your clients. Respect them. Don’t sell your clients out to the invisible rules of bullsh– Hollywood.”

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