Sarah Michelle Gellar dyed her hair pink: cute change?

The latest celebrity to give in to quarantine boredom and mess with their hair is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Fortunately Sarah’s hair attack did not involve a bottle of Schnapps and some clippers, but rather a bottle of pink dye. Claiming this was her latest attempt to find a way to embarrass her children during lockdown, SMG posted this quick video to show off her new rosy locks:

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#quarancolor #roseallday (or until it fades out)

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#quarancolor #roseallday (or until it fades out)

I think it looks great. It really brings out the green in her eyes. It not only looks good on her, it’s a pretty color in general. This is why my hair coloring attempts never work out. I refuse to bleach my brown hair in the process, so I never get the color I want. Although, my grey really picked up the blue this last go round and that part was cool. *Sigh* Blondes really do have more fun. Honestly, Sarah could keep this post quarantine if she wanted to, she’s even figured out how to coordinate her lipstick to it. When it fades (my guess is this is a temporary box color) she’ll just have a few pink highlights at certain angles and it will be a really cool effect. Or, you know, she can just bleach it and make it all go away.

As anyone who follows my IG knows, I had insta-regret with my last color job, it looked terrible against my skin. I did find some color removals you can do from home. I used the 1 T baking soda to 1 T dandruff shampoo method about two weeks after I’d colored it and it really did remove a lot of the color. Not all, but more than I expected at that point. Just remember to get a really good condition treatment to apply after you use it. As for Sarah, she obviously knows what complements her better than I do. And by the looks of her second IG post, her color the color is already fading, so she was just smarter all around. She looks like she’s happy with it. She should do stripes next! Or dip dye.

On Wednesdays we wear pink (or technically right now every day) #quarancolor

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