Sen. Rand Paul lies, claims he was ‘attacked’ by an ‘angry mob’ of protesters

There were protesters out in Washington DC last night, and many of the attendees of Donald Trump’s White House Nazi rally had to walk through them – the way the White House works, there are few people allowed to park in or around the WH complex, so most Nazi rally attendees would have to walk some distance out of the White House complex to get to their cars or to the DC subway or to their hotels. That’s true for senators too. Senator Rand Paul, a complete douchef–ker a–hole, attended the Nazi rally with his wife and they left the WH complex on foot. They were “confronted” with Black Lives Matter protesters yelling stuff like “Breonna Taylor, say her name.” Because Rand Paul is the senator from Kentucky, the state where Breonna Taylor was murdered by police officers. Here are some videos of the confrontations:

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 28, 2020

— Clarence Williams (@nu1wcf) August 28, 2020

There are other videos around and I’ve watched some of them – the only questionable moment is where it looks like a protestor grabs the bike being used by one of the cops, and the cop loses his balance and Rand Paul sort of grabs the cop and steadies him. That’s really the only “physical” attack. Mostly it’s just a swarm of protesters and journalist/videographers around Rand Paul and his wife. And sure, maybe you might say “wow, that looks uncomfortable.” And it does. But keep in mind that Mr. Small Government Libertarian Rand Paul was just coming from the White House, where a fascist threw himself a Nazi political rally on federal property, using taxpayer money. So f–k Rand Paul and f–k his lies.

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) August 28, 2020

“How dare the youths yell at me on a public street! I AM BEING ATTACKED!” GMAFB. It’s especially weird because Rand Paul knows the difference between getting “attacked” versus “people yelling at me for being a Nazi douche.” Rand Paul was literally attacked in 2017 by his neighbor. The assault was so bad that Rand lost a damn lung. We still don’t know what that was about either. Did Rand Paul think his neighbor was in that crowd or something? Because it certainly doesn’t appear that he was the victim of anything other than jeering.

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