Senator Dianne Feinstein Says She Never Left D.C., Despite Spending 3 Months in CA Fighting Shingles

Senator Dianne Feinstein raised new alarm bells about her ability to serve in Congress, after she seemed to forget she’s been MIA for 3 months.

An L.A. Times reporter buttonholed the 89-year-old Feinstein — who just returned to D.C. after spending 3 months in California recuperating from shingles — and asked her if she heard all the well wishes from her fellow Senators upon returning to work. Her response … “What have I heard about what?” The reporter said, “About your return,” to which Feinstein said, “I haven’t been gone … I’ve been working.”

The reporter pressed … “You’ve been working from home is what you’re saying?” The frail Senator replied, “I’ve been here. I’ve been voting. Please, either know or don’t know.”

Her hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, detailed last year what they say is her deteriorating memory, and the latest encounter is yet another example. There has been open talk on Capitol Hill that she is often disoriented and can’t follow conversations.

There has also been a gentle campaign among lawmakers for her to resign, and even some Democrats are on board. Fact is … Feinstein is on the Judiciary Committee, and a number of nominations for the federal bench have been held up due to her absences.

Feinstein said last week, “Even though I’ve made significant progress and was able to return to Washington, I’m still experiencing some side effects from the shingles virus.”

If Feinstein were to resign, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, would appoint a Senator who would serve until the next election.

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