Siena Agudong Really Wants a Leading Role In This Kind of Movie

Siena Agudong is opening up about her career aspirations!

The 15-year-old Upside-Down Magic actress recently shared that Jackie Chan had some influence on what kind of movie she really wants to do.

“Growing up, I watched a lot of action movies and Jackie Chan movies,” she told Photobook Magazine. “I continue to manifest booking a leading role in an action movie that has a lot of daily stunts. I feel like Jackie Chan definitely had an influence on me haha.”

She also dished that she is going to be in an upcoming blockbuster franchise movie!

“I have an independent Sci-Fi film coming out called Let Us In directed by Craig Moss! I play the role of Scarlett,” Siena said of upcoming projects. “I also had the absolute honor of working on a Blockbuster Franchise Feature Film that will premiere in 2021.”

We can’t wait to find out what movie it is!

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