Simone Biles's New Box Braids Are the Perfect Post-Olympics Hair Look

Olympian Simone Biles seems to be enjoying her time back home after competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As she should!

The gymnast showed off her new waist-length goddess braids while in a super cute tie-dye bikini in two IG pics. “🍬 sweet like candy🍬,” she wrote in the caption. The comments were full of gas for the 7-time Olympic medalist, with some users saying, “It’s the braids for me sis 😍😍😍😍” and “Hottie 🔥.” No lies were told here.

Other commenters showed support of Simone’s Tokyo achievements and celebrated her taking a break from the rigorous sport.

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“We love to see a queen smiling and living life! ❤️,” wrote one commenter. Another said, “You do you!! It’s time you let loose, relax, and be that beautiful Simone you are! You are the best gymnast in the world, but that’s not who you are. You are an incredible young woman, you are setting such a positive example for so many. Not just in the sport, but those that needed to hear that it’s ok to step (back) and take care of you. I applaud you immensely! ❤️”

Box braids are a regular part of Black women’s hair care, especially in the summer when vacations and extended rest are more common. It’s no surprise to see Simone rocking the protective style after her time in Tokyo, where she often had to manipulate her mane into high ponytails and top knots during her competitions.

Simone first posted a pic with her new braids at a practice with her longtime NFL boyfriend Jonathan Owens. “open practices aka bring your girlfriend to work day,” read the caption.

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Did you peep the egg chair in the background of the bikini pic? Wherever Simone is chilling at, our girl is no doubt having ~all the good vibes~ on her time off, and we absolutely love that for her. She deserves!

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