Stacey Solomon: ‘Made my tummy flip’ Loose Women star on family move amid COVID-19

Stacey Solomon, 30, confessed to fans that the coronavirus lockdown seems to be taking its toll on her, as she admitted to feeling “sad and anxious” in a letter she wrote to her mum. Taking to Instagram last night, the ITV star explained that she copes with these types of feelings by writing down her thoughts when she feels “low”.

I feel so strange tonight so… I’m going to write my mum a letter

Stacey Solomon

And amid all the uncertainty of the UK’s current situation, all she wanted to do was reach out to the first person to ever calm her down.

Sharing a picture of her notepad and snacks, she wrote a lengthy and perhaps relatable message to her 1.3million.

“I hope you’re all ok…” she began.

“I feel so strange tonight so… I’m going to write my mum a letter.”


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She revealed her mum usually helps her with her three boys, Zach, Leighton and baby Rex while she’s working, but due to isolation purposes Stacey was on her own.

“I spoke to her earlier and for some reason it made my tummy flip a bit,” she admitted.

“I couldn’t have raised my pickles without her. And as sad as it sounds, she’s the person I go to whenever I’m feeling nervous, and even at 30 she knows how to make me feel like everything is going to be ok…

“I miss her cuddles and just her kindness.”

Despite her woes, the singing sensation recognised how “lucky” they are as a family during this trying time.

“I know we are so lucky to be self isolating and that some parents aren’t even able to be with their babies or loved ones, which I couldn’t even imagine,” she added.

“So I hope I don’t sound like I’m moaning because I’m not, I just miss her.”

The UK is on the third week of lockdown, which was enforced last month by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently in hospital suffering with coronavirus himself.

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With the third week marker approaching, our situation will be reviewed and either extended or the tougher measures we’re currently under will be relaxed slightly.

It may be a day to look forward to for some people, but for now we’re all stuck trying to cope with this change in routine.

Stacey revealed she hasn’t been sleeping properly and thought writing a letter to het mum about her angst would help.

“Sometimes when I feel a bit low I write my thoughts down and it can help, so I thought maybe if I write my thoughts down in a letter to my mum I might be able to sleep and get a deep breath in.”


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And to avoid unnecessary stress in her life, she revealed she “shoved her phone in a draw” to put some space between her and the news.

She greeted her followers last week, writing: “Morning, I hope you’re all ok”.

“I’m going to shove my phone in a drawer today and try not to watch any news and spend the day with the boys not as Mrs Mum, the terrible teacher with no answers.”

Before logging off, the mum-of-three wished everyone a great day and hoped to come back on Sunday.

She’s currently homeschooling her two eldest children after the schools closed indefinitely last month and admitted keeping them entertained for nine hours a day wasn’t an easy ride.

Special episodes of Loose Women air weekdays at 12pm on ITV.

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