Tamron Hall's Crew Members Say Show Is 'Putting Lives In Danger' Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns!

Uh oh! Sounds like Tamron Hall’s show is NOT being consistent when it comes to COVID-19 safety — at least, that’s the accusation!

As the US continues to endure the second wave of coronavirus cases, crew members at the Tamron Hall Show in New York City say they’ve repeatedly been exposed to the virus due to insufficient safety measures — which has led to two production shutdowns.

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News, one staffer called out the alleged hypocrisy of the show, which has done numerous segments on COVID-related matters. The crew member said:

“They’re seriously putting lives in danger. They do segments on COVID and how people lost loved ones and family members, but they’re not practicing what they’re preaching.”

Doesn’t sound like it!

The source went on to claim that producers tend to be selective when it comes to the staffers they tell about potential COVID exposure. On October 28, an executive producer on the daytime talk show emailed staff saying multiple crew members had tested positive for the coronavirus, advising employees who “may have had close contact with these individuals” to quarantine at home.

But four current crew members who spoke to the outlet said that certain staffers had been called and told not to come to set because of possible exposure to COVID-19. Meanwhile, these crew members, who asked to remain anonymous, showed up on set that day and worked for hours while rumors spread around the set — until Hall herself told crew members to go home.

The second production shutdown came on November 18, after filming resumed. Managers sent another email saying more crew members may have tested positive for COVID-19, but noted that “we will continue to follow our established testing, PPE and social distancing protocols including deep cleaning every area of our production where the staff member worked, as well as deep cleaning all community spaces.”

A second crew member described the production’s decision to have the crew come in anyway as “shady,” explaining:

“Instead of playing it safe and telling everyone not to come in, they told us all to come in because it was more important for them to get that show in the can than to be upfront with us. It felt really shady, and it felt like we weren’t working for human beings. It felt like we were working for robots who just wanted to get the show on the air.”

For its part, ABC said the show “followed company protocols, state and local guidance, and CDC guidelines and had all positive cases isolate at home and any employee identified through contact tracing quarantine at home for 14 days” after “several members” of the production staff tested positive for COVID-19 in October.

They added in a statement:

“As our staff’s health and safety is paramount, and out of an abundance of caution, the show aired repeats and subsequently operated from a temporary studio with limited staff.”

The show hired freelance crew members to film with the talk show host in another studio after the first shutdown. During the second, however, production has continued shooting with regular and freelance crew members in the same studio where staffers had tested positive for COVID-19. Moreover, crew members said they work in close proximity to Hall and others who are still filming and haven’t been isolating.

Tamron herself has yet to respond to these claims, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

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