Taye Diggs Goes on Rant Against ‘Spoiled’ White People, but Gets Called Out

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor posts of a video of himself ranting about white people who refuse to pick up their own towels after using them at the gym.

AceShowbizTaye Diggs has some words to the white people in his gym. Taking to his Instagram account on Tuesday, March 10, the “All American” actor posted a video of him going on a rant against white people who refused to pick up their own towels.

As he drove his car around, Taye began his video by expressing how blessed he was to be able to exercise at a luxurious gym, though he has some issues with the white people in the place. “I don’t mean to make this about race. I do believe we all should get along,” he said. “But there are white people, certain white people, in my locker room that refused to pick up their soiled towels.”

He continued saying that those people always leave their towels anywhere they want, including the steam room, and that made Taye so mad. “So I ask you white people, did you not have mothers and fathers that told you to pick up after yourself?” Taye went on ranting. “Or are you in fact just lazy, spoiled? Excuse my language. Pick up your towels. I don’t work for you.”

However, instead of receiving support, Taye received backlash as people pointed out that he once took a shot against black women. Some also mentioned his past marriage to Idina Menzel, who is white. “You were in love with white people in the past and now you’re using the word ‘honkeys’ and ‘whities?’ Boy, shut the f**k up,” one said. “Lol I thought he wanted to be white? Where is all this coming from?” another seemed to be confused.

“Isnt his child 1/2 white?! Do these people ever stop to think that the things they say may be offensive to their children who aren’t the same race as them, completely?” someone else said. “I really don’t understand where all this new energy is coming from. He loves Whiteness,” another commented.

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