Taylor Swift praises 'queen' Sophie Turner for bopping to Joe Jonas-inspired track, more news

Sophie Turner is all about Taylor Swift’s new Joe Jonas split-inspired track

“Mr. Perfectly Fine,” Taylor Swift’s latest “From the Vault” release, had fans chuckling on April 7, thanks to the reaction it got from Sophie Turner — and the love Taylor sent Sophie after the shoutout. Swifites spent much of the morning posting about all the reasons the previously unreleased, 2008-penned tune was probably inspired by Taylor’s breakup with Joe Jonas, who she dated for a few months in 2008. (The singer later claimed Joe dumped her in a 25-second phone call and seemed to have exaggerated his intentions for the relationship.) Cue Sophie, who is now married to Joe, to compliment the track on social media, writing, “It’s not NOT a bop.” Fans quickly switched gears from proving Joe is the “Mr. Perfectly Fine” in question to loving Sophie’s apparent confirmation of that fact. “Big lols that Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’s wife, is bopping to Taylor Swift’s new song, also about Joe Jonas, on her insta story, the girl energy we all need x,” wrote one fan (via ET). Even Taylor seemed touched by the “girl energy” vibes coming from the “Game of Thrones” alum for the new song. Referencing “GOT,” Taylor replied to the praise by posting, “Forever bending the knee for the [queen] of the north.” The sweet back-and-forth sparked Joe’s name to start trending on Twitter.

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Meghan McCain jokes nursing left her chest looking ‘like an orca’s fin in captivity’

As Meghan McCain and so many other new moms have learned the hard way, doctors, books, friends and family can only prep you so much for motherhood. On the April 7 edition of “The View,” the co-hosts discussed what they wish they’d known prior to having their first kids. For Meghan, who welcomed her first child with husband Ben Domenech last fall, the physical changes caused by nursing came as a less-than-pleasant surprise. In fact, she joked that her chest, “which used to be so beautiful,” now looks “like an orca’s fin in captivity.” The crack got a round of laughs out of the other hosts, according to People. “It’s gone forever. I just wish someone would have told me. I would have enjoyed them a lot more …,” she mused. Whoopi Goldberg then helpfully offered a suggestion: “If you think of them as Snoopy noses it’ll be more fun,” she quipped. “If you think of looking down and seeing Snoopy and his nose it’ll just give you more laughs.” On a more serious note, Meghan added that the key advice she now gives to new mothers is to “lean on your girlfriends.” She says that’s what she did with co-host Sunny Hostin. “Sunny has helped me through a lot of really disgusting things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on the show,” Meghan said, “and I’ve just been eternally grateful.”

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Sharon Osbourne refutes Sheryl Underwood’s claim she never apologized after ‘The Talk’ blowup 

There’s a new development in Sharon Osbourne’s messy departure from “The Talk” following her tense conversation with Sheryl Underwood about racism, Piers Morgan and the royal family last month. Sheryl has said on her podcast that Sharon did not apologize directly after she defended Piers Morgan’s refusal to believe Duchess Meghan’s claims she was denied mental health treatment by the royals, among other things. The conversation quickly snowballed into a discussion about racism and complicity. Now, Sharon says she did apologize to Sheryl directly. On April 6, the Daily Mail published screenshots of texts Sharon claims she sent to Sheryl in the days after the incident that ultimately caused her to leave “The Talk.” “I not only sent these messages to Sheryl but I apologized to her in person in her dressing room,” Sharon said. “Why are you saying I never apologized, Sheryl? What are you trying to do to me? Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Just be honest. Tell me,” she added. The first text reads: “Sheryl, My heart is heavy and I’m deeply saddened by the events that transpired on Wednesday. I don’t want to lose my true friend over this. Im sorry for telling you to f— off during the break, I’m sorry for accusing you of fake crying while we were live on air I’m sorry for losing my temper with you. I felt shocked, scared and saddened by what felt like was a blind sided attack. You know me. You know how I’ve always had your back.” Sharon goes on to write, “We’ve outlasted everyone on this show and that’s because we’ve always been a team and had each other backs. I consider you a genuine friend. If you want to talk on the phone over the weekend I’m here. Once again from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry. Is there anything You need from me of that I can do to help you heal? Love and respect always – Sharon.” A second text seems to show Sharon saying she knows Sheryl “is taking space” but she’s “reaching out” because she’s “thinking about” Sheryl. “Sheryl I am thinking about you Hope you are well Sending my love,” the last text reads. No replies can be seen in the screenshots, which are dated March 12 – 18. As of April 7, reps for Sharon and Sheryl had not yet responded to requests from People for comment on the apology claim.

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Stars support Pharrell’s call for a federal investigation after police shoot, kill his cousin

Celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Janelle Monae, Timbaland, Meek Mill and more are rallying around Pharrell after he called for a federal investigation into the death of his cousin, 25-year-old University of Virginia grad, Donovan Lynch. Donovan was killed on March 27 as police responded to a chaotic scene sparked by two nearby shootings in Pharrell’s hometown of Virginia Beach, according to the Associated Press. Police have said Donovan had a handgun when an officer shot and killed him early that morning. The officer involved, however, did not have his body camera turned on. “Thank you God for my 48th lap around the Sun,” Pharrell wrote on Instagram on April 5. “This one is symbolic and a first because I had to speak at my cousin’s funeral, and was choked up with emotions. Too many unanswered City and State questions. Respectfully, I am calling for a Federal investigation. I also humbly ask that you all keep the family in prayer.” The post quickly earned support from Pharrell’s music industry peers, many of whom, including Justin and Meek, responded in the comments with prayer hands emojis. Virginia State Police are currently investigating Donovan’s death. The police officer in question, the AP notes, is Black, as was Donovan.

Cardi B talks fair pay in business deals, new music plans and more

Cardi B’s fought hard for what she’s earned, both in music and in terms of her bank account, and after breaking records on both the Billboard and Spotify charts, she never intends to make less than she deserves again. “I feel like I’ve been on deals before that like, yeah, I got paid, but I feel like I deserved more. And I made sure this year that I get everything I deserve. Not just on music deals but on everything,” the “WAP” artist says in XXL’s spring 2021 cover story. Part of any bad deal can be attributed to the person who negotiated it, she explains, but Cardi says she’s learned it’s also important to “do more research,” before signing a contract, and that’s what she’s been focused on. She also finds that the color of her skin and her Bronx-born background can affect what she’s offered, explaining that even if a company stands to make “$50 to $100 million” because of her involvement with it, they might just offer her “a $2 million advance … because they think that you’re so thirsty for that money” that you’ll settle for it. “I’ve been seeing some influencers, that are not, you know, like me. Caucasian influencers. And they’re getting paid big money,” she says. “I’m a whole artist.” So what was behind the “adjustment period” that saw her start asking for more? “Just knowing my worth,” Cardi says, adding that her husband is super “smart with numbers” and encourages her to demand what she’s worth. Cardi also shared an update on her new music plans, telling XXL on the night of the 2021 Grammy Awards in March that after the ceremony and interview, fans could expect her to step out of the spotlight “for a very long time” to finish her next album and videos.

DMX undergoes brain function tests while on life support

Still on life support after a suspected overdose sent him to the ICU last week, DMX was expected to undergo brain function and activity tests on April 7. “We are just waiting on the doctors to tell us what the next steps are,” the rapper’s manager, Steve Rifkind, told TMZ. DMX, 50, was reportedly without oxygen for nearly 30 minutes after suffering a heart attack on April 2. The events left him with “little brain activity,” according to the outlet. Born Earl Simmons, “X,” as friends and family call him, has spoken publicly about theabusive upbringing he endured prior to rising to fame as a member of the Ruff Ryders. The Grammy-nominated rapper has also talked openly about his history of substance abuse, which he traces (per the New York Post) to a mentor who tricked him into trying crack when he was 14 and struggling, having been kicked out of a group home and returned to the care of his abusive mother.

Lena Dunham faces backlash over limited plus-size collection for 11 Honore

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham is already facing criticism for the new, plus-sized capsule collection she recently created via 11 Honore, a “luxury e-tailor” that collaborates with major designers to create dresses, separates and more in sizes 12 through 24. In an extensive interview with the New York Times published this week, Lena, who says she wears a 14 or a 16, described the “tightly edited,” five-piece collection as “a direct response to my experience.” Unfortunately, that experience isn’t sitting too well with her detractors, who’ve slammed the line on social media for failing to include sizes up to 4X or higher, as other brands have. “It should surprise no one that lena dunham’s plus size line cuts of at a US 26, leaving out the same people that just about every single plus size line leaves out,” griped one Twitter user. “If you think you don’t know someone bigger than a 26, congratulations, you do. you know me.” Others noted some of the brands whose sizes range much higher, like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line. Though Lena declined to comment to HuffPo on the backlash, it’s worth noting every designer who’s collaborated with 11 Honore, from Marc Jacobs to Monique Lhuillier to Christian Siriano, offers the same 12 through 26 size options in their collection. Speaking to HuffPo, 11 Honoré design director Danielle Williams Eke said the company, “took a lot of time perfecting the grade up to a size 26 which included multiple fittings on a range of women from size 12-26 with varying body shapes.” She added that 11 Honore’s “ultimate goal is to dress as many women as possible and we are completely open to expanding past size 26 in the future.”

Dave Grohl announces memoir inspired by his True Stories Instagram series

During last year’s coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, Dave Grohl opted to pass the time by launching the Instagram account, Dave’s True Stories, which he filled with “true short stories” from his life and career in rock. Now, those and other stories from Dave’s past are headed to the pages of a new memoir, appropriately called, “The Storyteller.” Out Oct. 5 on Dey Street Books, the book will span everything from, “… childhood mishaps, touching family moments [and] leaving home to see the world at eighteen, to spectacular stories about Nirvana, Foo Fighters, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney …” and more, according to a press release. “There is a common thread that runs throughout everything that I do: storytelling,” says the Foo Fighters frontman. “Whether in song, documentary film or on the page, I have always felt compelled to share moments from my life. This inclination is a huge part of what excites me creatively but also as a human being.” The announcement comes on the heels of the Foo Fighters’ recent nomination for the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods reportedly hopes to go back on tour as police reveal car crash cause cause

A combination of high speed and trouble negotiating a curve in the road caused Tiger Woods’ SUV to slam into a tree and a sign and do a flip in the air before hitting the ground on Feb. 23, according to CNN. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced the cause of the crash on April 7, sharing that Tiger’s vehicle hit a max speed of about 87 mph and was traveling about 75 mph when it the tree. The golf icon, who suffered extremely serious leg injuries in the crash, appeared to have mixed up the gas and brake pedals as well, police said. Tiger, 45, is reportedly continuing his recovery at home. “He has his down moments but is doing everything he can to heal,” a source tells People. “He wants go back on tour at some point. He is eager to get back into shape.” As the latest updates about the crash were announced, Tiger hopped on Twitter to thank “the good Samaritans” who called 911 after the accident, all the first responders who helped him “so expertly at the scene” and got him “safely to the hospital” and “everyone” else who’s shown him such “overwhelming support and encouragement” since the crash.

Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood

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