The Most Dangerous Celebs to Search Online in 2020 Have Been Revealed! (#1 Is Shocking!)

McAfee, a global computer security software company, has revealed the list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online in 2020.

The company researched which famous names generate the riskiest search results that could potentially trigger consumers to unknowingly install malware on their devices.

Two of the names in the Top 10 this year are Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, who you might be surprised to see there, but there’s a good explanation. These two stars were the lead voices in the movie Trolls World Tour, the first major movie to receive an at-home release at the start of quarantine. It’s possible that people were searching for ways to watch the movie and ended up downloading malware instead.

Some tips that McAfee has provided to help consumers stay safe online include being careful what you click, to refrain from illegal streaming and downloading suspicious mp3s, to protect your online safety with a cybersecurity solution, and to use parental control software.

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