The Real Reason One Of The OutDaughtered Quints Has Her Own Bedroom

The adorable Busby quints from TLC’s “OutDaughtered” have always spent lots of time together. From the day they were born into this world, Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige have played together, gone to school with one another, and explored the world along with their parents Danielle and Adam Busby and older sister Blayke. It appears that one of the quints has moved ahead just a bit quicker than her sisters, both socially and emotionally, leading her parents to come up with a different way to deal with her needs.

Danielle and Adam have tried to tailor their parenting to suit the needs of all their girls, but with each one experiencing a different level of maturity, they are challenged every day. When it came to the girls sharing rooms after the Busby’s moved into a rental home after their original abode had a mold problem, they realized that one of their girls needed more space than the others for one specific reason. Who was it, and why did they need to be separated from their sisters?

This is the real reason one of the quints has her own bedroom

Riley was often on a different sleep schedule than the rest of her sisters. This led Adam and Danielle to make the tough decision to allow the little girl to have her own room, while her sisters all shared sleeping quarters. Fans couldn’t understand why Riley was allowed to have her own room when the only other daughter to have her own personal space was the quints older sister, Blayke. The family addressed the issue on-camera and explained that Riley was given her own room because she woke up earlier than her sisters. When she shared a room with her siblings, she would disturb her sisters while they slept. This led to a bunch of cranky little girls throughout the day (via Distractify). This was why Danielle and Adam decided their daughter needed her own space in order to entertain herself until the rest of the family awoke.

Riley continues to be the most independent of the quints. She jumped a grade ahead of her sisters in school and was the youngest member of her kindergarten class, while her sisters remained in preschool. Her mother, Danielle, takes Riley’s accomplishments in stride but says that her headstrong personality can be a bit too much to take at times, calling her “the naughty one” (via People). “She does have a sweet, cuddly side to her. She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way,” admitted Danielle of her daughter.

Riley then began to have trouble sleeping

Riley began to have difficulties sleeping at night. She awoke with nightmares and ran to her sisters’ rooms for comfort and to sleep with them in their beds (via Distractify). This went on night after night until Danielle and Adam stepped in to try and get to the bottom of Riley’s new habit, but their questions only made the headstrong little girl even more upset. 

It was not until her older sister Blayke stepped in, sat her younger sister down, and asked her why she was suddenly afraid to sleep alone. Riley told her big sister that it was because she had seen a scary show on television and it frightened her. Blayke explained to Riley that she understood her fears and that the dark could be frightening because it appears like something is there when its not. Blayke told her little sister it was just her imagination and came up with an idea that appeared to work. She suggested that Riley leave her bathroom light on so she could still see. Blayke also advised Riley that she would regret not having her own space when she was a few years older and wanted some privacy. This was something her other sisters would not have as they will share rooms (via TV Shows Ace). Riley agreed, and soon began staying in her room through the night, marking another milestone for the family.

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