The View’s Sunny Hostin Says Megyn Kelly Has Changed Since They First Met

The View‘s Sunny Hostin and Megyn Kelly used to work together at Fox News many years ago…and now Sunny is opening up about how much she has changed.

“She’s changed a bit from the person that I knew,” Sunny wrote in her memoir “I Am These Truths” (via People). She added that they had “a friendly relationship” and they “don’t anymore.”

“I was shocked that she morphed into this, you know, ‘Santa Claus ain’t black, and there’s no Black Jesus,’ this right winger. Because that is not the Megyn that I met, and that is not the Megyn that I knew. I don’t know that that is the real Megyn, the blackface Megyn,” Sunny said, adding she has been “really tone deaf for this time in our history — for any time in our history.”

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