‘This Is Us’ Had A ‘Watchmen’ Reference You Definitely Missed

There is a rampant problem today in modern marriages across the United States. So many relationships are built on trust, trust that when your partner says, "I’ll wait to binge-watch with you," they’ll keep their word. This week, amid Randall’s therapy sessions, This Is Us took on that problem head-on, as Randall returned home, only to discover Beth cheating on him with a program they were supposed to watch together. But at least this minor crisis meant This Is Us had a Watchmen reference, proving the Pearsons have great taste in TV. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

This Is Us has always been into grounding their characters in a love of popular culture. Whether it’s Jack trying to watch The Shining, Rebecca and Miguel settled in front of sitcoms, or Beth quoting Grey’s Anatomy, the show always wants viewers to believe that these characters are just like we are. They may be having drama, but in between, they’re as glued to their devices and streaming entertainment just as much as you are.

Some of these references are more subtle than others, like the hint that Kevin could land himself a superhero role on the big screen. (In "New York, New York, New York," Kevin’s agent mentions a movie directed by Patty Jenkins of Wonder Woman fame, a project from which Chris Hemsworth just dropped out. Could Kevin Pearson be Green Arrow bound?) Others are more blatant, like Rebecca going to see The Irishman on Thanksgiving and complaining how long it ran.

But the Watchmen reference was so subtle most fans might have missed it.

It comes towards the end of the episode after Randall has been put through the wringer by his therapist. As he walks into the bedroom, Beth is sitting up with her iPad. Excited to see him, she blurts out: "It took six episodes, but it finally makes sense! And baby, I might be leaving you for Yahya."

Randall groans, "I thought we were gonna binge Watchmen together!"

For those who have not seen HBO’s critically beloved series from November of 2019, the first five episodes are confusing, especially if you’re not a fan of the comic. For many viewers, the show didn’t start to make sense until Episode 6, so Beth is not alone.

As for actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, perhaps Beth should wait until Episodes 8 and 9 before making these pronouncements because there won’t be any "might" about it.

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