Tiger King is adding another episode soon, according to Jeff Lowe, will you watch it?

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It feels like all we’re talking about lately is life at home, the royals and Tiger King. Countless people have seen this unbelievably trashy and shocking show, which is still number one on Netflix! There are so many twists and so many despicable people in it. One of them is Jeff Lowe, the a-hole who comes to “save” Joe Exotic’s roadside zoo. Like most of the other characters, he could have his own side documentary, especially considering how shady he is. I feel like the series dropped the ball on Lowe’s financial scams and his motivation for taking over the zoo, which he still runs with Lauren. He did not seem to care about animals at all, he roughhoused with them, seemed to neglect their care and used cubs to pull in women for partying with him and his younger wife.

Jeff and Lauren have been on the Cameo app, where you can pay celebrities to record videos as a present for friends. It costs $150 for a brief video from them! They’ve recorded several videos saying that another episode is coming to Netflix. In one video, Jeff says that Netflix is adding another episode “next week,” however in an earlier video he said it would be out in a “few weeks.” I’m including the videos below [via Bazaar] and here’s what they said about the show:

Jeff: Netflix is going to add another episode here in a few weeks wrapping things up. [posted April 3rd on Twitter]
Jeff: Netflix is adding one more episode. It will be on next week. [posted April 4th on Twitter]
Jeff: Netflix just called they’re going to add one more episode next week. They’re going to film it here Sunday [April 5th]. We’re going to tell you what happened.
Lauren: I don’t think we’re supposed to tell ‘em. [posted April 4th on Twitter]

I watched the six videos from these two that are currently up on Cameo, which are all different from the ones posted below. You guys owe me! They talk about a season two and say they were asked about it, but don’t give a timeframe. At the end of several videos they say that Carole Baskin killed her husband. Oh and if you care about Jeff and Lauren at all, they still have the hot nanny but she only works part time.

As for whether Jeff is just talking out of his a- or if there’s another episode coming soon, I couldn’t verify that. Neither of the co-creators of this show, Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, are on Twitter and only Rebecca is on Instagram. She hasn’t confirmed or denied this, and neither has Netflix.

If you’re looking for another non-murdery true crime documentary series to binge at this time, I highly recommend McMillions on HBO. We’re about halfway through and it’s a ride.

Here are the videos from Jeff and Lauren. I dislike these people so much.



IN SAID CAMEO HE BREAKS NEWS THAT THERE'S ANOTHER EPISODE COMING !!! #TigerKingNetflix #TigerKing pic.twitter.com/xqHjcFAwFk

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There will be 1 more episode of #TigerKing [email protected] pic.twitter.com/YeRSIlDKTJ

— Justin Turner (@redturn2) April 4, 2020

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