Twitter’s Fully Losing Its Sh*t Over Those Khloé Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors

Update: Yeah, so Khloé heard about this bizarre rumor and is “disgusted” by what some people are saying. She tweeted, “SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick.”

I don’t go on social platforms much these days AND this is one of the main reasons as to why I stay away. The sick and hurtful things people say. I am disgusted by so many things I am seeing. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick.

She called this whole thing a “false story” and added that the social media discourse around it has been “hurtful/despicable.”

The nasty things you’re saying about me over A RUMOR! I have seen so many hurtful/despicable stories and tweets about me over a false story. And if it were true…. it’s MY LIFE, NOT YOURS.

Oh, and she thinks everyone could benefit from “projecting positivity as opposed to nastiness.”

Funny how picky&choosy some can be with who and how you feel others should live their lives. I believe people should focus on their own lives/families, put energy into bettering the scary world we are currently living in, and try projecting positivity as opposed to nastiness.

Original story: May 13, 2020

If the devil works hard and Kris Jenner works harder, then Gossip of the City works the hardest because it just published a rumor claiming Khloé Kardashian is pregnant and expecting her second child with Tristan Thompson, and everyone on Twitter is freaking out.

While there seems to be basically zero evidence that it’s anything more than gossip at this point, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if it ended up being true someday because Khloé and Tristan have been quarantining together and she’s been joking about using his sperm to have a second baby on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. That said, this whole pregnancy rumor is based on Gossip of the City’s strange observations that Khloé has been posting “nothing but pink,” which she does, like, all the time, and posting throwback photos. The blog also said, “Khloé is also eating doughnuts a lot as of lately,” which apparently equals pregnancy? Damn, can’t a woman just eat a doughnut??

Anyway, it seems like some KUWTK followers heard about Gossip of the City’s post, which was also covered by UK radio station Capital FM, and they are fully freaking out about it despite the lack of confirmation or evidence.

So you’re telling me Khloe is pregnant AGAIN with a guy who cheated on her TWICE and left her during her first pregnancy, i-

Khloe all KUWTK season 18: I want Tristan to be the father of my second child


Khloe: *pregnant by Tristan


Khloe kardashian pregnant again by Tristan ?! Omg…. eewwwww

Khloe really went from her whole family ready to smoke Tristan; crying at True’s birthday; bullying a 21 yr old only to put herself through it again?!

But mostly, everyone is still shocked that Khloé shamed Jordyn Woods when Tristan cheated on her.

so y’all r telling me that khloe is pregnant by Tristan after he cheated on her TWICE when she was 9 MONTHS pregnant and after she tried to ruin jordyn’s life? i-

Khloe Kardashian really tried to ruin Jordyn Woods life because Tristan kissed her to then go running back to him to have another child with him?? Make it make sense, I hate it here

Me minding the business that pays me and I get on Twitter and find out that Khloe is pregnant by Tristan again. After publicly harassing and torturing Jordyn.
Me going back to minding my business cos Khloe is a certified bird.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner is out here without her best friend!

Kylie jenner after losing her friendship with Jordyn just for khloe to get pregnant by Tristan again

I still can’t believe this, Khloe made Kyle drop her best friend for her to go back to Tristan and get pregnant ?????

It’s messy, but again, it’s all based on a flimsy rumor. Also, it’s generally a good rule of thumb not to believe someone is pregnant just because they ate a doughnut, so we’ll see how this shakes out.

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