UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis Says He Punched Out a Man Who Tried to Steal His Car

There is a long, rich history public service announcements which attempt to tell you that crime doesn’t pay, but some people only learn from personal experience. Like the would-be car thief who was allegedly sent to the hospital this week after attempting to break into a vehicle owned by none other than UFC heavyweight fighter, Derrick Lewis.

It’s probably fair to say that Lewis, currently ranked second in the UFC’s heavyweight division behind champion Francis Ngannou (who he has previously defeated), is not the kind of person anyone would knowingly trifle with—which the pro fighter confirmed in a post on Instagram this week.

In the caption for a photo of a suspect being escorted into the back of a police car, Lewis wrote “Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into,” heavily implying that there was a physical altercation between himself and the alleged thief, before adding: “HE’S OK.” He also uploaded an image of his bruised knuckle to his Instagram Story, captioned “Satisfaction”.

An official statement from the Houston Police Department later confirmed that Lewis used his MMA training to defend his property, and placed the suspect under a citizen’s arrest. “Mr. Lewis says he went over to the suspect, struck him, placed him onto the ground until the police arrived,” said police information officer Jodi Silva. “That’s the nicest way to put it.”

Silva added that the suspect was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries he received during his encounter with Lewis, before then being booked into custody. He is currently facing charges of criminal mischief.


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