Vanessa Hudgens Rocks A Black Bikini To Take A Dip In The Ocean – Pic

Life continues to be a ‘beach’ for Vanessa Hudgens. The ‘High School Musical’ alum took to the ‘warm’ ocean waters while wearing a glamorous black bikini.

“If the waters warm, you know where to find me,” Vanessa Hudgens captioned the Instagram photo she posted on Monday (Apr. 26). In the shot, Vanessa, 32, poses like she’s going to grace the cover of the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The High School Musical OG shows off her black bikini while standing in hip-deep ocean water with arms raised. A white hat shields her head from the sun, and her eyes are hidden behind a pair of glamorous pair of sunglasses. Speaking of glamour, Vanessa also wore some glittery necklaces for this swim – as well as a shimmery belly-button piercing. All in all, the shot was indeed a peek into paradise.

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This black bikini photoshoot comes days after Vanessa gave posed in a more colorful outfit. While wearing an orange and hot-pink, tie-dyed bikini, Vanessa said she was having “a great time” relaxing at Dave Grutman and Pharrell’s new hotel, the Goodtime Hotel Miami, Florida. In the photo she posted on Apr. 17, Vanessa relaxed by the pool with a drink in her hand and a matching tie-dye headscarf wrapped around her head. She also accessorized the look with plenty of jewelry, a must-have when you’re turning heads at a new resort.

Even when she’s covered up, Vanessa brings the sex appeal – and manages to show off a little skin. The night before she posed in her multi-colored bikini, Vanessa attended the Inter Miami CF Season Opening Party at the Goodtime and walked the red carpet in a glamorous black gown. The outfit cinched at her midsection, which showed off her glamorous hips and tight stomach. She appeared like a Miami goddess made real in this outfit.

April 2021 has been a sizzling month for Vanessa, and it hasn’t all been nights in Miami and bikinis. She and her new boyfriend, MLB star Cole Tucker, have been heating up their romance. The couple seemingly began their romance in late 2020, and on Apr. 14, the two posed for a romantic selfie together while basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

“Vanessa can’t stop smiling when she’s around Cole,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY shortly after they went public with their romance. “Although she doesn’t want to rush things, she really likes being with him because there’s a level of comfortability there.”

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