Wendy Williams Credits Her Career for Positively Impacting Her Self-Image

Unlike what you normally hear from celebrities, Wendy Williams says she owes her body-positivity and confident self-image to her career as a TV show host. Although the public can be harsh, Williams knows she’s being the best she can be and living in the best way she knows how — and so negative thoughts don’t hit as hard.

Fortunately for the radio host turned hit TV show host, she’s a style icon in the industry as well — a position she knows all too well and is quick to check on other hosts to compare her wardrobe too. After all, how else is she to ensure she maintains an icon? 

Wendy Williams spills the tea on body positivity and self-image

In an interview with Don Lemon on Interview Magazine, Williams got deep about the changes that happen when moving your career into the spotlight of TV. For her, however, the TV personality has managed to sustain her body-positive self-image, despite the pressures in the industry. After all, she just wants to be remembered as a host that made viewers smile.

“Being on camera has affected my self-image in a very positive way, to the point where I don’t even want to talk about it,” Williams spoke honestly. “I am the best mother that I could possibly be. I was the best wife that I could possibly be. I’m definitely the best employee and supervisor, and boss that I could possibly be. I’m the best friend that I could possibly be. And I am the best talk show host on all of TV.”

The Wendy Williams Show host added, “Others are okay, but there’s only one number-one who happens to not have an Emmy. That’s okay. Awards mean nothing. I feel embarrassingly wonderful about myself.”

Her arms were the biggest adjustment when transitioning from radio to camera 

When Lemon asked her what her biggest adjustment was moving from being behind the radio to a talk show host in front of the camera, Williams was quick to point out the challenge.

“Sleeveless dresses,” she said right away. “Women all over have a thing about their upper arms. And, Don, I was born a fat girl. Even when you lose weight and feel comfortable with your body, which I do right now, there’s always the fat girl within.”

William’s watches other talk shows for fashion competitive analysis

When asked by Lemon whether she enjoyed watching other shows for the competitive advantage or to learn from them, Williams denied it. It turns out she “still watch[es] as a fan” sometimes, but she no longer believes it’s necessary. “It was difficult for me to have a guest not stop by the show first,” the TV host explained. “And then I realized that it’s not about who does it first. It’s about who does it best.”

Williams added, “Also, I like to see what the girls are wearing. I like to see what the guys are wearing. And I compare my wardrobe only in terms of, ‘Yup, Willie [her stylist] is still pulling the best stuff.’” There’s no doubting the confidence to back that up — and let’s admit it, she does have some incredible styles on the show!

However, she complained she’s “not given credit” for her unique style, and although “they’ll mention others — they won’t mention me.” That is, everyone except Kelly Ripa, who has in the past, according to Wendy Williams. She seems un-phased, however. She says she prefers to be the “outsider.”

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