What Abe And Rebecca Have Been Up To Since Leaving Return To Amish

Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker (formerly Rebecca Byer) became fan favorites as two of the main cast members on TLC’s Breaking Amish before appearing on the spinoffs Breaking Amish: Brave New World, and Return to Amish. Kicking off in 2012, Breaking Amish was a series some viewers had trouble even believing, since it followed Abe and Rebecca, alongside Sabrina Burkholder (a.k.a. Sabrina High), Kate Stoltz, and Jeremiah Raber as they headed for the bright lights of New York City, leaving their Amish and Mennonite lives behind to see what it’s like in the modern world. At the end of the series, the cast had to decide if they wanted to make a permanent change, with all five making the decision to step away from their traditional backgrounds.

As for Abe and Rebecca, the couple actually got married on the first season amidst a whole lot of family drama. After returning to the reality TV world in 2013 for Breaking Amish: Brave New World, the couple took a step back from the spotlight before making the surprise announcement that they would appear on the fourth season of Return to Amish, which aired in 2017. After that, they slipped back out of the world of reality TV and have stayed pretty under the radar since. But what have Abe and Rebecca really been up to? Keep reading to find out.

What's really going on with Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker's social media

As of March 2021, Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker are still married, but appear to have shunned living a very public life after their reality TV foray on TLC. Rebecca’s Instagram account has more than 21,400 followers, but it is set to private. Abe doesn’t seem to have an account of his own, nor do either have public Facebook pages. Abe does appear to have a Twitter account, though he hasn’t updated it since 2014, and Rebecca has completely deleted hers. Before they went private on social media, Rebecca confirmed they had quit Return To Amish because they wanted to lead a more private life.

“We made the decision to no longer participate in being on Return to Amish. We are just normal every day people trying to live our best life. We wish the best to the rest of the cast!” she tweeted in October 2018, per Starcasm. In a follow-up message on her since deleted account, she added, “It’s been a long road to come to this decision as a family and to move on to things that make us happy and brings us closer to where we want to be. We are living our best life!!” Rebecca also hinted that she was focusing more on her education after studying on the show, adding, “Ps. I got my GED!!”

Will the Schmucker family be on Return to Amish Season 6?

Though Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker haven’t made it easy for fans to keep up with them via social media, they’re still happily raising their daughters, Kayla and Malika, together in Pennsylvania. Return to Amish will return to TLC for Season 6 on March 22, 2021, though, unfortunately for fans hoping to catch up with the fan favorites, none of the Schmucker family will be taking part.

As for what they’re doing instead, Rebecca revealed before making her Instagram private that Abe is now working as a truck driver, according to International Business Times. Abe and Rebecca still appear to be close with their family, including Abe’s mom, Mama Mary, and his sister, Katie Ann, with the latter welcoming her first child in May 2020 (via Distractify). Whether or not they’ll ever step back into the spotlight remains to be seen, though we’re happy to know this is one reality TV couple that’s still going strong.

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