What Kroy Biermann from Don’t Be Tardy is up to today

Bravo’s Don’t Be Tardy, which follows Real Housewives of Atlanta breakout Kim Zolciak and her lovably nutty family, has been going strong for seven seasons, with no signs of slowing down just yet. When the show first premiered all the way back in 2012, Zolciak’s partner in crime, hunky husband Kroy Biermann, was still a major player in the NFL.

Similar to Kristin Cavallari, who has detailed on her own reality show Very Cavallari the struggles of following her husband, Jay Culter’s, football career, the man in Zolciak’s life also took a step back to focus on family instead. So, what is Biermann up to now that he’s no longer in the game?

Kroy Biermann chose family over football

According to an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish, Biermann left the pros back in 2016 so he could be more hands-on with raising the couple’s children. The RHOA alum, for one, was thrilled to have her hubby around more often. “I love it. I love him being home,” she gushed.

Zolciak described the ex-NFL star as a “super big help,” admitting the kids actually listen to their father more than her. Biermann is no slouch around the house, either. Zolciak revealed, “The guy can do anything, seriously. He can sew, he can cook, he can make a wig…”

He may be done with football, but Zolciak says her man won’t have any trouble finding another passion. In fact, Biermann even has some legitimate options if he wants to change careers: he studied criminology and psychology at the University of Montana and even toyed with becoming a Navy Seal before his NFL career took off.

Kim Zolciak and Troy Biermann were almost over before they'd begun

Biermann admitted to Daily Dish that he’s struggled to “try to find a different outlet” without football. However, he doesn’t intend to settle for just anything that comes along, explaining, “I have a plethora of options and I’ve kind of started to go down those roads.”

He’s technically the unofficial PR guy for Zolciak, taking to Instagram predominantly to big up her podcast, House of Kim, or gush over their enduring love. Funnily enough, the RHOA alum revealed on an episode that her hubby once tried to break up with her early on in their relationship due to the press intrusion.

Biermann recalled his break-up text was “probably something to the effect of: ‘Hey, just wanted to let you know it might be in our best interest to go our separate ways.'” Thankfully, it only lasted a day and the couple was back on the right track within 24 hours (thanks to a bunch of flowers and a groveling apology).

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