Who Won ‘The Bachelor’ 2020? Is Peter Engaged? Spoilers!

Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor has just ended and we have the spoilers on what happened during the finale!

During part one of the finale on Monday night, after bringing both Madison and Hannah Ann to meet his parents and brother, it was clear which woman was favored by his family, and Madison even had a confrontation with his mom over her stance on the fantasy suites.

During their next one-on-one date, Madison told Peter their lives are too different and that they aren’t a good match, and she decided to go home.

However, Peter said that he loved Madison more than Hannah Ann. She was the only woman remaining ahead of the final rose ceremony.

Hannah Ann was a no-show at the final rose ceremony.

So, where are they now?

Hannah Ann did eventually show up, and Peter proposed. However, during the live finale episode, it was revealed that Peter told Hannah Ann his heart wasn’t actually in the decision, and he was still torn.

After Chris visited Madison at home, she later returned to reveal that she regretted her decision to leave, and the two began exploring the idea of dating. Madison then joined the live finale, where Peter revealed he was “in love” with her, and wanted to take it “one day at a time.”

His mother explained that they didn’t mesh with Madison upon meeting her, and that she said she wasn’t ready to get engaged yet. Peter asked his family to give her a chance. They did not take kindly to the idea, and awkwardly bickered with Madison. The episode ended with Peter encouraging his family to trust his decision to give it a try with Madison, anyway.

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