Woman Rents Cherry Picker to Sing to Seniors in Nursing Home

A generous, talented lady out in Chicago reached new heights to live out her mission of lifting quarantined senior citizens’ spirits with a song … and used heavy machinery to do it.

The woman’s name is Colette Hawley, and she goes around professionally singing to old folks who live in nursing homes, and who might be feeling extra isolated and lonely during the pandemic. BTW, she does all this for free — and she’s pretty darn good at it too.

For Memorial Day weekend, Colette decided to utilize a new way to entertain as many seniors as she could in one shot — renting out a cherry picker to bring up several stories as she had a megaphone in hand to belt out some scat singing, and other tunes.

She writes on Twitter, “I rented a Cherry Picker to sing to seniors(close but not too close!)for Memorial Day. This is an unbelievably hard time for them. I love & value our seniors. NO ONE IS DISPENSABLE. Offering free shows to nursing homes. ? coco.”

Watch — it would appear her good deed was a hit with her target audience … a bunch of nursing home residents came out and started dancing. Even from their wheelchairs!

Obviously, this reminds us of the grandmother balcony serenade from a few weeks back, which some other nursing home elders were happy to piggyback on themselves.

Welp, this happy time’s for anyone and everyone, it seems. Good on her for doing it.

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