You dont deserve this Yorkshire Vet Peter Wright worried by devastating horse injury

The Yorkshire Vet: Peter Wright expresses fears over horse

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The Yorkshire Vet: Summer in the Dales aired tonight on Channel 5 as the vets treated more animals. One heart-stopping moment saw one of the racehorses facing a “devastating” injury.

Peter Wright was brought in to treat the animal by its owners but it didn’t look good.

The horse had suffered a nasty cut to its front shoulder, which could jeopardise its career.

When looking over the animal, Peter was saddened as he told it “you don’t deserve this.”

The much-loved vet then went about his business trying to treat the animal.

However, he was honest about the potential issues in an interview with the camera later on.

He discussed how if it didn’t heal well, it might mean the end of its racing career.

As well as this, there was also the possibility it might end up killing the animal as he said he was in a “bad place”.

Peter admitted: “This penetrating injury is very, very serious.

“It could potentially be a loss of career here and at the very worst, we could lose him all together.

“So I would be devastated if that were the case because I know John and Vicky have high hopes for this horse.”

Thankfully, as the episode progressed, viewers were given more updates about the horse’s condition.

This included a recovery, which was hailed as a “miracle” by its owners.

By the end of the episode, the beloved animal was almost back to its old self as Peter’s work was praised by an emotional trainer.

Elsewhere in the show, Julian Norton was tasked with operating on a King Charlie Spaniel with a hernia.

This came after he judged the dog in a local competition to find the cutest pup.

The spaniel made a full recovery, much to the delight of its owner.

Peter has also opened up recently about the saddest time at the Skeldale Veterinary Centre.

Speaking to, he opened up about the tough time he had treating animals in the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak.

This had a tragic impact on him as well as local farmers at the time, he revealed.

Peter said: “Well we’ve had some really sad moments and I think one of the saddest times for me and the most emotional times were foot and mouth disease in 2001.

“That was a horrible time and I lived in a small village called Thurlby where there were about 25 houses.

“I worked out that from just our village alone, we lost 11,000 herd of cattle and sheep.

“I saw farmers in tears at that point and that was one of the low points for me because you feel so helpless.”

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