6 Best St Patrick's Day Hats 2020 | The Sun UK

IT'S FUNNY TO think that St Patrick's Day was once a religious holiday celebrated only in Ireland, instead of the party and booze-heavy holiday it is nowadays – and green wasn't even the original St Paddy's colour (it was blue).

No St Patrick's Day celebration is complete without a fabulous St Patrick's Day hat – and there's a style available for you, depending on how out there, or subtle, you want to be come March 17.

One of the reasons to don a hat this St Patrick's Day isn't just for a fun uniform for whatever parade or party you're attending.

Wearing something green can bring a bit of luck – and we could all use some of that, whether we're planning a St Patrick's Day blowout or want to look festive in the office. Plus, legend has it that leprechauns can't see you if you're in green.

A good St Patrick's Day hat is somewhat of a tradition: it's something you can pull out and wear year after year.

If you want to be the centre of attention on the day, there are plenty of novelty hats like plush velour designs with leprechauns and beards.

Or, you can opt for a green check trilby, which will give you extra mileage as it can be worn for other parties and occasions. It also works for ladies, who have plenty of other options, including headbands and fascinators.

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