7 Times Reddit Played Referee for Couples & Really Nailed the Relationship Advice

Most people don’t want to acknowledge it while experiencing the magical lovefest that is the honeymoon phase, but relationships do take work. It’s inevitable that a disagreement will eventually arise between two partners, no matter how compatible a couple may be.

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And to be clear, this is not a bad thing. It’s a simple fact — all couples in long-term relationships will have an argument (likely many) at some point during their partnership. It’s normal for two people to not feel the same emotions toward every single thing or have the same opinion on certain matters, and sometimes that can cause a bit of a stumble within the relationship. The key to righting your stride is the way you navigate and overcome issues with your partner, and for some, Reddit has been an integral source for relationship advice — a community of virtual pals who tell it like it is, if you will.

In fact, people so often refer to Reddit for relationship advice that there’s an entire subreddit for that very purpose, aptly named the /Relationship_Advice Subreddit. The platform’s “Am I The Asshole” forum is also a popular place for those seeking insight into their relational woes.

From mental health concerns to co-parenting struggles (and much, much more), people facing dilemmas in their partnerships frequently turn to the social media platform for unbiased opinions and advice on how to navigate whatever their situation may be. We’ve rounded up some of the most insightful relationship advice doled out on Reddit — scroll on for a sampling of the best takeaways users had to offer.

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