7 Wine Delivery Gifts To Send For Mother’s Day To Make Mom Feel Special

You want to make your mom or the mom figure in your life feel special every day of the year. But, when Mother’s Day comes around, the calendar gives you the sweet opportunity to spoil her with presents and greeting cards galore. This year, your celebration may be a long-distance one due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s led to many stay at home and stay safe orders. Any of these thoughtful, cute, and lovely wine delivery gifts to send for Mother’s Day will be a unique gift to give.

Not to mention, these gifts can be a safe way to celebrate with the person who loves and supports you on the reg. Dr. Rachael Piltch-Loeb, a preparedness fellow at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, notes that it’s OK to send a gift like this, and that your mom can take extra precautions when she receives a package. She suggests that your mom "wash her hands before opening the package, wash her hands again after opening" and to remove any items from the package last so any germs don’t spread.

In addition, Piltch-Loeb notes any lingering germs are probably broken down during the package’s travel through "unstable conditions like the heat and cold in a truck or plane." Remind your mom of that to ease her worries on Mother’s Day, too. Spend some time on video chat with her as she opens up one of these seven wine delivery gifts, and see her face glow with pure joy and gratitude.

1. A Special Taste Of What’s Fresh And In Season

The first of these wine delivery gifts comes from Vinebox and will treat your mom to the freshest flavors for months to come. It’s the aesthetically-pleasing brand’s special edition "Vineyard Fresh" box that includes a rosé from the South of France and a wine that’s been preparing itself for this special moment for an entire year.

To pick it up, join The Quarterly Wine Club, which will send the latest box to your mom’s doorstep every three months and can be cancelled at any time, and pull out your credit card. A single box costs $79, not including taxes and fees.

2. A Wine Box That’s Made For Bubble Baths

Could your mom use some rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day? If so, look no further than Harry & David’s "Uncork and Unwind" wine gift box. Complete with gourmet wine and all the essential snacks, this box will make your mom smile from ear to ear. She’ll likely adore enjoying the sharp white cheddar cheese and sipping the bold red blend while soaking in a luxe bubble bath.

3. A Pack Of The Most Essential Wines For Spring

Wine truly is the gift that keeps on giving. With every pour, it spices up a movie night or a casual dinner with your family. If you choose to get your mom a wine pack from Martha Stewart Wine Co. for Mother’s Day, then this will be even more real and true.

Choose this pack, in particular, that’s filled with essentials for spring. It includes four bottles that can be paired with a sweet brunch or a sunny afternoon of reading.

4. A Typical Gift Turned Into A Tasting

You won’t want to sleep on the goods from Usual, especially "The Mixed Pack." This pack includes a wide variety of wine, in bottles that are perfectly sized for tasting. Your mom can have her own tasting in her backyard on Mother’s Day, and save the leftovers for later on.

5. A Pair Of Bottles That Celebrates Women

On Mother’s Day, it’s only right that you take time to celebrate all of the women in your life who have helped shape you. These two bottles that are made by female winemakers will do the trick. Simply head to Fatcork’s website to purchase a "Fabulous Females" wine box for $144. If your mom approves of it, then send one to your bestie who’s over 21 next.

6. A Toast To The Lovely Notes Of Chardonnay

If your mom has a sweet spot for chardonnay, you should send her the "Delightful Chardonnays" pack curated by Vinesse Wines. It’ll speak to her palette and complement the meals she’s whipping up in the kitchen right now. It will also make sure she’s celebrating the holiday in style.

7. A Luxe Package Of Pinot Noir And More

Last but not least, gift your mom the "Unwind with Pinot Noir" box from Winc. This box has all the essentials for enjoying an amazing glass of wine, from a candle to a sleek corkscrew. You will likely get a text from your day one saying how luxe her gift feels, and how she loves you very much for thinking of her on this special day.

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