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SPRING is here and while the weather is getting warmer we’re also heading into April showers, which for dog owners means mud, mud and more mud.That means that waterproof dog coats with legs are looking very attractive right now.

Anything that helps reduce the number of baths needed is welcome in the houses of dog owners, and the best dog coats with legs do just that. As their name suggests, they don’t just cover your dog's back, but the best of them cover their legs, tummy, part of their neck and tail.

Depending on the type of coat you go for, they keep your dog dry in the rain, protect them from the wind and keep them warm in our changeable British climate. Some can be used as drying coats after swimming, or after strenuous exercise or activities such as canicross or agility.

Of course not all breeds need a coat, but if your hound is short-haired, little or elderly, then an extra layer on walks can often be a good idea.

If your dog isn’t used to wearing a coat then get them used to wearing one gradually, and take notice of body language, says vet Dr Anna Foreman from Everypaw Pet Insurance.

Some animals can become distressed when wearing clothes, with stress potentially escalating to aggression if ignored,” she explains. “It is important to watch out for early signs of stress such as yawning or lip licking, and stop with activities inducing this behaviour before it escalates.”

She adds: “Positive reinforcement training can help to associate putting on a coat with a reward, however this should be taken slowly.”

The best dog coats with legs at a glance:

  • Best waterproof fleece: Equafleece dog suit
  • Best thermal onesie: Rukka thermal overall
  • Best for outdoor activities: Hurtta Expedition Parka
  • Best for tangle-prone hair: Mikki Doodles Dog Raincoat
  • Best for value: Hugo & Hudson Protective Dog Overalls

Rufus & Rosie Mesh Windbreaker

  • Rufus & Rosie Mesh Windbreaker, £14.99 from Jollyes – buy here

If you’re not sure whether your dog will take to a raincoat, then this windbreaker from Jollyes won’t break the bank if they flatly refuse to wear it.

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It’s windproof, waterproof, and you can adjust the neck for a snug fit. The coat also features reflective detail for low light when you’re out walking.

Because its lightweight, it doesn’t take long to dry when it gets wet outdoors or after washing.

It's available in sizes M and L.

Pets at Home 3 Peaks Waterproof and Windproof Dog Suit

  • 3 Peaks Waterproof and Windproof Dog Suit, from £27 at Pets at Home – buy here

This waterproof suit provides great protection against the elements as it’s both waterproof and windproof. The taped seams provide added protection against the wind and rain, while the reflective piping ensures they can be seen in low light conditions.

It's easy to put on and take off, thanks to the full-length zip fastening, and this waterproof suit will keep your pooch warm, dry and mainly mud-free.

As one happy owner says: “This has been a godsend – we only have to wash his paws, it’s brilliant and he doesn’t mind having it on at all.” It's available in sizes XS, S, M and L.


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Mikki Doodles Dog Raincoat

  • Mikki Doodles Dog Raincoat, from £31.30 at Amazon – buy here

Keeping tangles at bay if your dog has a curly coat can be a nightmare, so this little number is a godsend! It’s lined with a polyester silk that stops those tangles in their tracks.

The full-body design keeps your dog warm as well as protecting him from mud, while the zip fastening ensures a snug fit. Despite its name, it’s not just for Doodles and it works well for all dogs with curly hair.

The coat is adjustable at the waist, legs and neck, and is available in sizes S, M and L.

Waterproof Dog Trouser Suit

  • Waterproof Dog Trouser Suit, from £21.99 at Amazon – buy here

While this dog coat with legs has the look of a ‘90s shell suit, there’s no denying it covers almost all of your pooch so it will keep them dry and mud-free.

It’s also available in lots of sizes so there’s something for every breed and build of dog.

There’s no insulation in this coat and it’s not designed to keep your dog warm, so is probably better for wet spring and autumn weather, rather than winter cold, but it is waterproof and because of the lightweight nylon material it’s quick to wash and dry.

It's available in red, navy and black, in sizes 20cm to 76cm.

Ruffwear Powder Hound jacket

  • Powder Hound jacket, £91.63 from Ruffwear – buy here

This warm jacket repels water so should keep your pooch dry in light rain, which is great if you’re spending a lot of time outside during cold weather.

The sleeves and lower fleece section of the coat give with the movement of your dog, so motion is not restricted, while the upper section is padded, containing recycled polyester for warmth.

A full-length zip ensures a close fit and the reflective trim is ideal if you’re walking in less than optimal light. We love the lush forest green colour!

It's available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL.

Hugo & Hudson Protective Dog Overalls

  • Protective Dog Overalls, £25 from Hugo & Hudson – buy here

Both waterproof and windproof, these dog overalls are ideal for our temperamental climate, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The full-length zip along the back means you can easily dress your dog with minimum stress and fuss, and you can adjust the collar for a snug fit in the cold. The reflective piping and logo help your dog be seen in poor light – essential for winter walks.

It's available in teal and grey, and in sizes XS to L.

Hurtta Expedition Parka

  • Hurtta Expedition Parka, from £47.89 at Amazon – buy here

This robust-looking coat is ideal for outdoor activities as it keeps your dog warm while still allowing them to move and run freely.

The deep shoulders protect your dog’s upper legs while the wide strap fastening protects the chest and belly, fixing securely across the back.

If your pooch is old, or short haired and feels the cold, then this is the coat for them, but it’s also a great choice for dogs following canicross runs or agility training, or even if it’s just really cold out.

The coat is waterproof and windproof, and it features reflective detail for low light conditions.

It's available a wide range of colours (our favourites are Beetroot and Blackberry) and in a massive assortment of sizes.

Equafleece dog suit

  • Equafleece dog suit, from £31 at Equafleece – buy here

Equafleece dog suits are made from Polartec® 200 fleece, which is the same kind of material used in mountaineering clothing. The fleece wicks away moisture from your dog’s body and is also non-absorbent, stopping rain getting to your pooch and keeping him toasty warm.

It’s great for walking in any kind of weather, but it also comes into its own as a warm recovery coat for working dogs, use as a drying coat after swimming or hydrotherapy, or to protect you furbaby after an operation.

There’s a great range of sizes and colours on the website and the suit comes in standard and slim versions, as well as specifically fitted to Italian Greyhounds, Frenchies and Pugs. There’s even an option to pay extra to have a zip fitted, which is great if your dog is old and suffers from stiff joints.

The suit is also sustainable, containing 85% recycled material. What’s not to like?

Rukka Thermal Overall

  • Rukka Thermal Overall, from £59.99 at Mountain Dog – buy here

This thermal overall is more than just a coat as it keeps your dog's entire body warm. It has an adjustable waist and neck, and you can tighten or loosen the leg cuffs to suit them.

The full-length zip fastening along the back of the overall makes it easy to put on and take off, which is perfect if your pooch finds it impossible to stand still.

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Made from water-resistant material, the overall is also windproof and features a snug fleece lining for the coldest days.

It's available in burgundy and black, and in sizes 30 (back length 28cm) to 65 (back length 63cm).

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