Airport worker goes behind the scenes to show how planes are held together with TAPE | The Sun

AN AIRPORT worker has shocked travellers after showing a plane apparently held together with tape.

In a video on TikTok the runway staff member showed several snaps of planes heavily taped up, with the caption: "POV you start to notice all the tape and flex seal that holds planes together".

The TikToker asked: "Any other rampers notice this all the time?"

The video has been seen over 2million times and drew plenty of shock from viewers.

One user commented: "Maybe I don’t want to travel anymore".

Another said: "I’m literally waiting to get on my flight rn don’t do this to me".

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Not everyone was completely freaked out by the footage from the seven second video however.

Other users explained that the tape could be used for reasons other than holding the plane together.

One said: "stopping corrosion with a piece of tape is cheaper than repainting it wholly. wings and body flex and break/chip the paint".

Another revealed: "Most of those pieces aren't structural and are just holding pieces that make the plane more aerodynamic. Same applies to missing screws and bolts".

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Some tape is used for minor repair work on aircraft and is known as speed tape.

The thick tape is made with a combination of silicone or acrylic adhesive, and cloth and aluminium backing, which means that it's not only incredibly sticky, but it's also very durable.

It will even withstand temperatures ranging from -54C to 149C, is flame resistant and virtually waterproof.

For that reason, it can cost hundreds of pounds a roll.

According to one airline mechanic: "It’s approved by the manufacturer, FAA and company engineering department for certain repairs — always temporary."

On planes, they are used for minor repairs only, including small holes and tears, and they're only applied by airline mechanics and maintenance teams.

They're also used for repairs on non-essential parts – ones that won't cause a safety issue but could affect how the plane takes off or lands.

It reduces delays as airlines can patch up those small issues so the plane can take off, before it's taken in for a more extensive repair according to One Mile At A Time.

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Other airport workers have also revealed fascinating aspects of their jobs, including this one who horrified passengers by showing where pets were kept during flights.

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