American claims Brits exaggerate everything after spotting hazard sign

An American living in the UK claimed that Brits 'exaggerate everything' after they spotted a warning sign for a 'shallow' water feature.

Now, this isn't the first time the US expat has had a bone to pick with Brits.

They previously were left baffled as to why British people have 'garages in their living rooms' and 'park in their gardens'.

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But this time around, the alleged cautiousness of Brits caught the attention of the American.

In a TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, they blasted the presence of a 'deep water' sign next to a water feature outside some residential apartments.

"Why do all British people exaggerate everything so much?

"This was the shallowest water I have ever seen in my whole life", they slammed.

The rectangular water feature was not fenced off and had some shrubbery on one side.

"Caution, deep water", the sign warned. "Children must be supervised at all times."

In agreement with the American, many bashed the Brits for their health and safety precautions.

One person commented: "This looks dangerous, be careful!"

Another user mocked: "For real the water in my toilet is deeper."

While a third giggled: "Anything can kill us here especially the seagulls and the pigeons stealing our chippies."

Someone else questioned: ""It’s for the fairies duh?? We gotta keep them safe."

However, others defended the sign.

This person fretted: "I've heard about rivers and stuff that might look shallow but is actually deeper than you think. Don't know if that might be the case here."

A second shared: "Well, it literally takes an inch of water to drown, may be extreme cases where someone's knocked out or called and trapped with their face in the water."

Someone else expressed: "A child can drown in an inch of water."

As a fourth noted: "My mom almost drowned in a puddle when she was a kid so it’s understandable. This is the one and only time I will agree with the British."


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