Artist is set to turn over £450k this year – and Margot Robbie loves her

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A UK artist has started to receive international success – and a variety of famous faces are fans of her work.

Emma Gibbonsis one of the most exciting and fastest-growing pop artists in the country.

Hailing from the artistic hub of St Ives, Cornwall, Emma is a mixed media artist fast becoming well known for her colourful, show-stopping contemporary artworks using resin, glitter, crystals and other precious materials.

Margot Robbie, who's starring in Greta Gerwig’s new motion picture film Barbie, recently snapped up one of her pieces.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Star she said: “Margot's personal trainer, David Higgins, discovered my Barbie-themed pill piece Bad Barbie at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea in March.

“It's a huge bright pink side profile of Barbie, complete with swishing ponytail, made out of thousands of hand-crafted resin and glitter pills and Swarovski crystals.

“He Instagrammed it and sent me a message saying that he was working with Margot on the Barbie film and that he loved the work.

“The next day on set he showed the reel to Margot and sent her the website and before I knew it she'd snapped it up for her office in LA!”

The Australian actress isn’t the only celebrity who is a fan of Emma.

British TV personalities Zoe Ball and Dawn French also own one of her artworks.

Emma recounted: “Zoe's partner commissioned me to make a piece for her 50th birthday and Dawn French bought a piece from a gallery in Fowey in Cornwall.

“Danny Dyer also bought one of my Absolutely Wasted vodka bottle pieces from a gallery in East London, which I thought was quite appropriate!”

Emma boasts unrivalled experience in the art industry working on some of the most high profile exhibitions in the world, including seven years working for Damien Hirst.

It’s hard not to be seduced by the Gibbon’s vibrant resin, modern culture references and glittering pill capsules.

Her work is inspired by the themes of consumerism, society’s obsession with ‘more’ and excess.

Each piece urges the viewer to consider what addiction means to them and the society and culture they live in.

“I'm a pop artist, so my work is heavily influenced by commercial and popular culture,” she explained.

“Living in a capitalist society we're all consumers, whether we like it or not.

“I definitely feel like a consumer – I feel that consuming things, paying for things essentially, is my main job in life!

“As an artist, I'm interested in what we choose to consume. And how the things we choose to consume end up owning us.”

Pills are a noticeable theme in her work and her artistic process is incredibly time-consuming.

Each one is immaculately handmade by Emma herself, using pharmaceutical grade pill capsules.

They are then filled with coloured resin and cured for 24 hours, after which she adds glitter, coloured sand or cake sprinkles.

The two halves of the capsules are then joined together and sealed with more resin, which has to happen thousands of times before she can actually work on the piece itself.

“Pills mean totally different things to different people, which is another reason I love them. To one viewer they might mean addiction and substance misuse, to the next they symbolise wellness and vitality,” Emma said.

“I love that the viewer brings their own experiences to the pieces, whether that’s good, bad or interesting, and that means the interaction between viewer and the artwork is always totally unique.”

“A lot of my work is humorous, or tongue in cheek, and people love a laugh. I love that I get to make people smile. There’s something magical about that.”

Emma is launching a new exhibition Pop it like it's Hot at the newly opened Reem Gallery in Soho on 2nd June.

Promising to bring a “pop art glittering wonderland” Gibbons’ show will be a rainbow of artistic excess.

Dripping with eye-popping colour the new and exclusive body of work continues the artist’s exploration of consumption, addiction and excess featuring 20,000 handmade glitter capsule pills across all the 3D artworks.

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